Canine prowler caught in the act

Police capture canine prowler red-pawed

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A canine prowler was caught red-handed…rather, red-pawed, in Santa Rosa, California. On October 7, the Sonoma Sheriff’s Office alerted the public to the canine caper.

It all began when sheriff’s deputies were recently dispatched to investigate a prowler at a residence. Deputies arrived quickly to the scene and managed to catch the bold culprit in the act – the glow of a flashlight clearly illuminated the suspect’s face as he tried to make his way out of the house through an unsecured skylight.

Sure enough, the bad guy in this case was a dog – a very large dog (great Dane) who did not even try to hide his identity. After deputies conducted a thorough investigation, they determined that in this particular case, the “cat burglar” was in fact a mischievous canine who was determined the bad guy…or in this instance, “bad dog,” (though some may say, simply curious, or a self-designated night watchman).

Per the Sonoma Sheriff – no treats for this midnight marauder.

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