Family dogs attacked by copperhead snake in fenced in backyard

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In Maiden, North Carolina, the mother of a little girl and best friend and guardian to her two Weimaraners, considers her dogs lucky to be alive after they were bitten by a copperhead snake in her fenced in backyard, reports WsocTv.Copperhead snakes Liz foster tweet

The dogs, Holly and Laya had been in the backyard on Tuesday when Kristel Wittensoldner spotted the dogs foaming, swollen and bleeding.  Both dogs had been bitten on their snouts by a huge snake coiled up in the yard. Immediately she rushed them to the veterinarian’s office where the dogs were treated with anti-venom. According to the veterinarian, Holly and Laya were lucky to have been bitten on their noses as the venom did not penetrate much tissue. Copperhead snakes Liz 2

And as soon as Kristel returned home, she grabbed a shovel and made one fatal swipe at the snake telling news reporter Liz Foster,

“[The] snake was coiled and it was big and it was looking right at me. I knew I had one chance to strike it.”

Although copperheads are not generally poisonous to humans, Kristel wants everyone to be warned. Luckily Holly and Laya took the hit as opposed to Kristel’s young daughter. For now on, she will be on the alert for snakes.

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  1. “Although copperheads are not generally poisonous to humans, Kristel wants everyone to be warned.” Copperheads are very poisonous to humans..

  2. she did the rigth thing for the dogs and the dogs showed how much they love they family and got bite and not the little girl dogs.

  3. I had one of my Papillons bitten by a Copperhead several years ago back in Maryland. She was also bitten on her snout. I rushed her to our veterinarian were she was hospitalized for several days. Because of her small size and the bone taking most of the hit, no anti-venom was given.
    Luckily she survived and I did kill the snake to show it to the Vet. Not a nice snake.

  4. So glad the dogs will be okay. I can’t help but wonder about the number of snake bite stories this year. Were they just not making it into the media before, or is there suddenly an increase? Another reason I always watch my dogs when they are in our yard, although we don’t have poisonous snakes by us, there are always other things.


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