Owner denies beating his dog despite viral video

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In Gulfport, Mississippi, a viral video of a man seemingly appearing to be beating his dog and captured on video has led to a charge of animal cruelty. Dog owner, Billy Swain however denies beating his dog even though the video may show otherwise.

According to WloxNews, Swain’s defense is that he was disciplining his dog by hitting the seat next to him in the truck. billy-swain-2

“It looks bad, really it does, but I didn’t hit my dog,” Swain told news reporters. ‘Me and him live together. He wakes me up every morning in the day light. He throws his feet up and licks me, and we get up and start our day together’.”

According to the surveillance video recorded on Saturday, at the home of Billy Swain’s daughter-in-law, Reaghan Swain, a man identified as Billy Swain can be seen putting his one-year-old dog Albert into the cab of his truck. Reaghan’s 11-year-old son had asked his grandfather to put the dog inside of the truck as the weather had been too cold for Albert to ride in the open back.  Billy then is seen walking around to the other side of the truck, opening the door on the driver side and appears to repeatedly beat something inside of the truck. He then gets into the truck and slams an object down – reported to have been a flashlight.

Although the video does not show Billy Swain explicitly beating Albert, the child ran into his home crying telling his mother he thought his grandfather had killed the dog. And that’s when Reaghan called police. A followup visit to Billy Swain’s home shows the dog to be uninjured. The dog has not been removed from the home.

Biloxi Police Department posted on their Facebook page that Billy Swain has been charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. He was released and is scheduled to appear in court on February 6.

(Photos for man denies beating his dog via  screenshot Wlox News)



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  2. This cretin dog owner must think the public is blind and can’t see out of the other! His body language definitely demonstrates he’s angry about something and he’s using both hands on the flashlight to strike the “seat”. The boy saw and heard everything. I believe him.

  3. After viewing the video, I don’t believe for one minute this POS isn’t beating his dog! Add to it an 11 year old had to ask him to put the dog inside rather than let the dog ride in the bed of the truck (which is where he must be riding all along) and the child runs to his mother saying his Grandfather killed the dog. The dog must be taken away from this monster. I hope and pray the dog survives until “February 6, but I wouldn’t want to bet on it.

  4. I believe him I don’t think he was hitting the dog but when I meet him am punching your f****** face in have video cameras look at it say no he’s not getting this guy in the face a piece of s***

  5. Ce consanguin devrait subir les mêmes souffrances que ce pauvre loulou, quel fumier, barbare, on sait très bien qu’il frappe le chien. S’il était devant moi, je lui ferais payer cher.

  6. This is animal abuse pure and simple. The consequences should reflect the crime. It’s NOT ok to hurt those weaker than yourself, regardless of species. Take your anger to the gym or run or bike or ANYTHING except abusing those who trust you and depend on you.

    • NOT A DANG THING will happen to our son., It would be me he wants to hurt. Already threested to others that he would kill me if I ever tried to keep me and my husband’s son from him and also If I presurd this. I am and will not fear him any longer. Someone has to stop this!!! Not sure why my husband isn’t mentioned in any news article I have read nor any media recodings. My husband and I are the ones who decided to call the police, but it seems as if they are trying to make us drop the case by putting everything on me. I don’t mind BC I am the ONLY one who stands up to this jerk in their whole family and tells him how wrong he is. So sad there’s no telling what Albert is going through. God bless

      • Thank you for calling the police. Hope all is well with your family. I do hope Albert is ok. Please keep us posted.

      • You did the Moral and Right thing… I hope the hell something is done and His dog never goes back to this POS !!! He should never own a cockroach even… he has a mental issue and a mean spirit !!!!

  7. If the fucker is willing to place a dog in a pickup box then he is capable of harming a dog. Putting dogs in boxes shows no intelligence or compassion. Put the dog in the back seat or front seat or get a safe canopy. Don’t be a p o s.


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