Tortured dog and cat living in filth saved by NY rescue org

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In another unplanned emergency for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a tortured dog and cat living in unfathomable filth and neglect were saved from their inhumane suffering on Tuesday afternoon in an abandoned apartment in New York City. Reggie, a friendly dog and Sylvester the cat had been isolated from the world and forced to live in their own feces and urine while they slowly starved to death.jackie-o-tuesday-2

According to neighbors, Reggie’s owner would frequently hit the dog so brutally, they could hear him cry out in pain, but that was before he abandoned them without notice nor with any food or water. And then came the good news. On Monday evening, the person who abused Reggie and Sylvester was arrested. The two had a chance – Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to their aid when neighbors in the building were finally able to reach out for help.

Reggie is extremely weak and emaciated; his ravaged body is not much more than a skeleton covered with a light black and white coat. He can barely walk and the cuts, gashes and scrapes all over his body most likely were a result of the multiple beatings he endured which had been regularly inflicted by his owner. Sylvester seems to have fared better, but his physical and emotional condition has yet to be evaluated.

The pair are now at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s partner veterinarian in New York City and are getting the best of care.

“All we ask is that you help by donating to their medical care,” stated the organization’s co-founder Stacey Silverstein to the group’s Facebook page. “The financial drain on the rescue is staggering, with the amount of critically injured dogs we have taken in these last weeks. We find that holiday time is the absolute worst time for the homeless dogs across the country. If there were ever a time to foster a homeless dog now is the time.”jackie-o-tuesday-3

Donations to help Reggie and Sylvester can be made by clicking here or donating directly through PayPal:

To foster one of these deserving pets, please click here for additional information and application.

(Photos courtesy of tortured dog and cat by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.)







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  1. BrendaMinarik says:

    The work you do is inspiring you are Angels of Mercy I would greatly appreciate update on these two????????????????????????????

  2. p. degen says:

    where are these homes or apartments located? are the apts. abandoned, why cant anyone find the owners ever? It makes no sense..This information will tell the story and bring people to justice and maybe stop this crime!?


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