Dog dies on hike amidst extreme Arizona heat

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aztrailThis week, on a day when the outdoor temperature near Arizona’s Superstition Mountains climbed to a scorching 107-degrees, a dog who had been taken on a hike perished from heat stroke. According to Wednesday’s release from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, the ailing pit bull was approximately three-quarters of a mile from the Peralta trailhead when he collapsed.

The sheriff’s office wrote, “Unfortunately the dog died on the trail before it could be rescued. This is a tragic reminder that our K9 companions can’t handle the heat as well as humans and they can’t tell us when it’s too hot for them.”

The dog who perished had been taken on the hike by a 33-year-old woman who told the authorities that she was walking the dog for a friend, reported AZ Central. The woman who took the dog for a hike is not expected to face charges.

According to a prior publication of AZ Central, a rule was recently put into place preventing dogs from being taken on hikes when temperatures climbed above 100-degrees.

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  1. Wow. It’s pretty much common sense. If it’s hot outside don’t take them for a walk. Wait til it’s cooler outside. Poor dog.

  2. I’m sure the “friend” that let her take the dog on a hike is sorry, if they valued their dog at all. I wouldn’t be hiking myself if it was 107 out, I don’t care how dry the heat is in Arizona, that is much too hot!. How ignorant! Poor dog, what a way to die, the ground it’s self must have been extremely hot on it’s paws!

  3. You can fry an EGG on the ground at the temp of 107!!!! Golly it doesn’t take much common sense to figure out that is way too darn hot for a hike!!! Probably didn’t even have adequate water for the poor animal!!!!!

  4. she should be held responsible for her actions to many people get a way with murder,needs to be charged and not get a pad on her hand.The poor dog suffered and lost its life,where is the justice here ????


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