Little kids break their piggy bank to save dying dog

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In an effort to help more dogs find homes at the Downey Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, professional dog trainer Laura London works with several shelter dogs daily teaching them their basic commands, leash training and how to be genuinely good canine citizens. For many of the dogs, it is the first time they have ever been taught anything, and it all increases their chances of finding  forever homes.

As Laura continued to work with a sweet pit bull named Zimba, it was an emotional blow when the shelter called her one night informing her that the dog had become very ill and had not been responding to medication. Zimba the dog

The shelter gave Laura one day to find placement for the dog and have her transferred to an off site veterinarian. Laura complied immediately, but tragically Zimba was soon diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia.

The next day Laura had shared Zimba’s tragic tale with a client whose dog she had been training. The family had  been saddened that a sweet dog, through no fault of her own had fallen ill, and all the training she had so happily been learning on how to be a good dog,  Zimba still might have ended up euthanized.Zimba the dog 2

When Laura returned to her car, there was an envelope tucked into her bag. In it was $18.25 cents; most likely money the family’s children had saved from doing chores and visits from the tooth fairy. Accompanying the money was the touching note:

“Dear Zimba, We hope you feel better soon and you find a nice family. Love Eva, Brandon, Heidi, Mommy and Daddy.”Zimba the dog 4

Laura was so pleased and emotionally touched that children who had never even met the dog were so concerned over the pup’s welfare; a gentle and heartwarming reminder that the next generation of animal advocates  offer more hope as they become the new voices for those who cannot speak. Zimba the dog 5

Zimba is slowly recovering from pneumonia and is expected to finish her treatment over the next few days, at which point she will need a foster home or better yet a permanent home. Zimba has been through so much in her short life. She deserves the best home with a family that will care for and love her for the rest of their life.

To donate to Zimba’s medical bills, please visit

For more information about adopting or fostering Zimba, please visit

(Many thanks to Katy Hansen for providing the information, photos and inspiration to share this story.) Please share Zimba with friends, family and social  media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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3 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Bless those sweet children, it’s good to know there are still parents out there instilling kindness and love in their kids. Prayers for Zimba, I hope she recovers and finds a loving forever home.

  2. Penny Jacobson says:

    Reading this ” AWSOME SAGA” by small children to save Zimba, Not only made me cry , IT made me FEEL there is HOPE for the next generation to change what our society is becoming!!!! Those are truly children for THEIR parents to be proud of!!!!!


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