Dog dies after being abandoned in house

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A dog is dead after someone moved away and left her to starve at an empty home in Whiteville, North Carolina. According to a release, the Columbus County Animal Control has instigated an investigation into the situation after finding the deceased dog, along with three malnourished dogs and two starving cats.

The cruel situation was discovered after a 911 caller reported that animals were abandoned at an empty house off of Whitehall Road, north of the Whiteville city limits. The animals at the house are believed to have been surviving on their own for three weeks, reported WNCN News.

According to the release, the animals who survived were “very wary” of people and the decision was made to leave humane traps to capture them in an effort to reduce stress Fresh water and food was left for the animals who remained¬†at the house. Efforts were underway throughout the weekend to capture the animals at the property.


Charges of animal cruelty, animal abandonment and failure to obtain the vaccination for the animals are pending. Several empty bags of animal food were strewn across the property, as well as dog houses, fenced in cages for dogs and feeding bowls, which indicated that the animals lived there for some time.

However, investigators found no clean water or food for the animals at the property this evening.

The investigation is ongoing and it is asked that anyone with information on this crime call 910-641-3945.

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  1. I can not understand the mindset that people have to do such a horrible thing. This needs to get those brain dead losers at least 3 yrs behind bars.

  2. YOU know a person/people that can just walk away knowing the chances of survival are slim for those animals are ruthless , soulless, and evil at the very least… They will not hesitate to commit crime, and murder. Should they by some authorities in the area they more than likely won’t even be charged!!! North Carolina doesn’t appear to care for their pets and the outcome of them AT ALL!!!!

  3. no body heard these dogs whining or barking, only thing I can say is the backwards hillbillys of NC should be banned from owning any type of animal, I read 10-20 different articles about pets dieing and the common thread is NC

  4. People in the south are illiterate. No regard for man or beast. Micheal Jordan’s daddy was murdered in the south and they have no remorse…!


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