Someone left a puppy in backpack in the back of a random truck

Someone left a pit bull puppy, stuffed inside of a backpack, in the back of a random truck in Tampa, Florida. Perhaps the person responsible hoped that the pup would find a good home, or maybe they just no longer wanted to be bothered with caring for a pet.

Fortunately, the puppy was discovered by a kind man. According to Thursday’s WFLA News, Jerry Murray, a U.S. Air Force veteran, is the owner of the truck where the pup, dubbed “Zeus,” was found. He told the news agency, “I’m standing here like this and I hear a noise and I look in the back and we meet eyes.”

Zeus was in good hands – Murray was not in the position to keep the abandoned puppy himself (already the owner of several of his own dogs) but his wife found the Second Chance Friends Rescue Group, which was able to take Zeus in.

The rescue group introduced Facebook followers to their new charge on Wednesday:

You guys saw the puppy in a backpack dumped in somebody’s pick up truck??? Well, this kid will never see the inside of a backpack or the bed of a truck again.

Please welcome Zeus to Second Chance!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the kind people who found him and cared for him and allowed us to rescue him. The world needs more people like you.

Zeus is justifiably uncertain about things thanks to his traumatizing experience, but he is in a foster home and learning that it’s okay to trust. As soon as he gains some much needed confidence, he will be made available for adoption.

Find the rescue group on Facebook here.

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Show me your oldest, hardest to adopt dog – I want to give him a home

Some people walk into an animal shelter seeking out a lively puppy, while others seek out a stunning purebred dog. Sometimes a mixed breed dog will do, but perhaps only if the dog is young, healthy and has striking good looks.

But then there are kind people who know that many dogs are being bypassed by prospective adopters – dogs who are old, mixed breed, sickly, or otherwise ailing. One compassionate woman took it upon herself to seek out one of those hard-to-adopt dogs from the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California.

On Friday, the shelter recounted the woman’s act of kindness with its Facebook followers:

This kind woman walked into our shelter and asked who the oldest, hardest to adopt dog was. So we introduced her to Jake.

According to the shelter, Jake is not only a senior, but he has cancer and skin issues. Those problems didn’t deter the woman. The shelter wrote:

Melani came to the shelter not just to find a great dog, but to save a life and give unconditional love to a dog in need. As you can see, it’s a match made in heaven. Please help us thank Melani…People like her are our heroes.

So many dogs are waiting for their own happily-ever-after. For those people who are looking to expand their canine family, please visit your local animal shelter and find your new best friend.

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Dog whose face ripped apart by firecracker undergoes first reconstructive surgery

In one of many surgeries ahead, Champ bravely endured his first surgical procedure to repair his jaw. For anyone not familiar with Champ, the dog was found wandering in a rural part of Fort Worth, Texas just five days ago. It is suspected someone stuffed a lit firecracker in the dog’s mouth.  The rescue group from Dallas Dog RRR – Rescue. Rehab. Reform posted a very disturbing photo of the dog. No one knew at the time what happened; the horror and disbelief of his condition was shocking:

“We literally sat back in complete shock, horror and disbelief when we saw his condition. What could possibly have inflicted that kind of injury?? Half of Champs face is nearly ripped off. His left nostril is missing and his jaw is shredded. His teeth look like they have been ground down. Is it possible that someone actually did this to him?,” wrote the group’s moderator on their Facebook page. “He has no other obvious signs of trauma anywhere else on his body. He is emaciated with his ribs protruding. We cannot bear to think what he has lived through. How much pain and suffering and neglect did he have to endure before he was found. We don’t even want to think about it !”

Tragically, veterinarians have figured out how Champ was seriously injured; the damage was not done in a dog fighting arena; the injuries were done from the inside out. Most likely someone exploded a firecracker inside of Champ’s mouth. And on Monday, repairs commenced for a dog who, despite the pain, the prodding and the pokes continually wags his tail and appreciates every tender pat and scratch. So what was done?

“Once inside it was clear the damage had been done by some sort of explosive because there is a hole blown straight thru his gum line, which is where it seems the object was placed. The photo attached show the hole and the extensive surrounding trauma.

Both of his canines had to be removed as they were fractured from the blow. His gums were repaired, but the doctor isn’t sure they will hold so he will be going back on Friday for a recheck and possibly get stitched up again. Yesterday’s surgery was the first of many because he had so much dead tissue surrounding the jaw.”

Champ is now at his foster home, and has been nothing short of a gentleman to both humans and other dogs. Get well soon Champ. We will continue to update your progress. Once healed, Champ will be available for adoption.

To donate towards Champs ongoing medical please, or Paypal Checks can be sent to:

Dallas Dogrrr
1301 Lochness drive
Allen Texas 75013

(Photos of Chance after surgery for firecracker repair via Dallas Dog RRR)

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Video: Looking good Chance!





Surrendered dog is so scared that she won’t walk

A dog named “Miracle” is in need of a miracle. The three-year-old mixed breed terrier was surrendered to the Carson Animal Services facility in California on March 11 and video taken shortly after she lost her family reveals the depth of her terror.

The video posted to Facebook is accompanied by words of explanation:

Sweet MIRACLE is so scared she won’t walk and she urinated when the staff were petting and reassuring her.

The following information was taken from Miracle’s intake paperwork:

My former family who owned me for more than a year had to give me up because they did not have enough time to spend with me. But they said that I spend most of my time outdoors, but it’s not ideal. I have not been housetrained. I am learning how to walk on a leash. I am just learning obedience skills. I should be the only pet in the house.

Miracle has so many things against her…she is scared, she is recommended to be the only pet in the household, and she is a pit bull mix…three strikes against a dog who has no control over her current situation.

Please help Miracle out of the Carson Animal Services facility by sharing her adoption information.

National Animal News on Facebook here.

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Abandoned – emaciated dog left tied to fence when owners moved

An emaciated dog has been taken in at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter (California) after being abandoned by her owners. On Tuesday, the Save SBC Shelter Pups Facebook page explained the terrible way that the dog was betrayed by her owners:

DARLING was tied to fence and owners moved!!!
At the vet in bad shape!!
Help DARLING needs a rescue ASAP!
ID #A502134
Available NOW to a rescue

Shelter notes:


Please network on Darling’s behalf – help find a rescue agency to take her in.

San Bernardino City Animal Shelter
333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA
Closed Sunday and Monday
Telephone: (909) 384-1304






Rescuers blacklisted from shelters after dogs found dumped in another county

Two animal shelters in Arizona have blacklisted “rescuers” from pulling dogs from their facilities after it was revealed that dogs pulled from one animal control agency had been dumped months later at a different shelter in another county. On Wednesday, ABC 15 News reported about a couple associated with Kim’s Caring Hearts Rescue and accusations that they are responsible for the failed rescues.

Kimberly Kulpa is one of the alleged “fake” rescuers who has been red-flagged from the Pinal County Animal Shelter and Maricopa County Animal Care facility. This week, social media has been circulating a warning about the “rescue” agency tied to the alleged dog dumping – the warning reads:

911 SPECIAL NETWORKING!!…..PLEASE HELP AND PLEASE SHARE!!…..From November 2016 to January 2017 Kim’s Caring Heart Rescue (belonging to Kim Kulpa) Director Michalel Polnoff dumped at Pinal County Animal Shelter (6) dogs …..THESE TWO STILL ALIVE AND STILL THERE! …..PLEASE OPEN YOUR HEART & YOUR HOME ……ADOPT >>> RESCUE >>>> FOSTER…..SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!

PLEASE if you have any idea where any of the other dogs are that this rescue disposed of please let the public know so that we can help. They could be at any animal shelter across the united states. PLEASE If you can have your local animal shelters check their records for the above mentioned names. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION

God Bless Pinal County Animal Care Director, Staff and Volunteers!!

Reporters with ABC 15 News attempted to reach the rescue group operators at the agency’s address, but discovered that the house had recently been vacated. According to the news agency, the driveway was littered with trash and a padlock is on the door.

A Google search reveals that the Facebook page for Kim’s Caring Hearts Rescue has been deleted.

(Watch the ABC 15 news clip here)


Update on puppy who was left in a Texas mailbox

A happy update has been released about the puppy who was left inside of a mailbox over the weekend in Buna, Texas. According to Click 2 Houston News, the tiny puppy has already found a new home with a family who met, and fell in love with him, at church on Sunday.

The puppy, who was abandoned by a man driving what appeared to be a dark gray Ford F250 truck, has been adopted by the McKinzy family…and the formerly homeless puppy has been named “Rari.” Surveillance video showed that Rari was left inside of a mailbox outside of the Buna Animal Hospital on Saturday – it is believed that the puppy remained inside of the small box until Sunday, when the McKinzy family discovered him.Screenshot (1159)

Rari is safe and sound and now has a bright future, but the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office are looking for the man who put the pup’s life in jeopardy. Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Matt Ortego told Click 2 Houston, “That animal doesn’t have a choice. You know, they rely on you to feed them, to water them, you know, to take care of them.”

Former article about this situation here.

(Photos screenshots via Click 2 Houston News)

In Detroit, someone abandoned three sick puppies in a blue tote alongside a highway – read more here.


Sick puppies dumped on Detroit highway

Last week three puppies, sick with the deadly Parvo virus, were dumped in a blue bin along a highway in Detroit, Michigan. One of the puppies did not survive the illness. After the pups were discovered, the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue penned an open letter to whoever was responsible for abandoning the puppies:

To the owner of the puppies that were dumped on the East Side of Detroit in a blue bin: All three of the puppies are sick with parvo and the female has now died from the disease. If you have more puppies in your home it’s likely that they too have parvo and will die without treatment so we are offering you the opportunity to do the right thing and bring in any other sick puppies to our vet’s office with no questions asked.


On Tuesday morning, the non-profit rescue agency indicated that the two surviving puppies (Pooh and Tigger) were showing signs of improvement:

Our sweet pups recovering from Parvo are continuing to improve! We are praying that they will continue to get better. Poor guys have been in quarantine in the hospital and will be ready to get out and play in a few days.

Click here to access the fundraiser for these puppies.

More about Parvo:

According to PetMD, Parvo is a highly contagious disease which more frequently impacts puppies who are between six weeks and six months old. Symptoms of the viral infection can include: Vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and lack of appetite (anorexia). Parvo can also impact a puppy’s heart and cause death.

The Parvo virus is unfortunately hearty and it can live in the ground soil for up to a year. Dogs can become infected by the deadly virus by sniffing stool from a dog who is sick – one of the only disinfectants which is known to kill the virus is household bleach.

It is important to keep your dog properly vaccinated against this highly contagious virus.

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Puppy locked in a mailbox

Shelter searches for owner of ‘miracle’ puppy hit by car

A shelter in California is searching for the owner of a puppy who was severely injured after being struck by a vehicle. According to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, the four-month-old beagle suffered a “severe” break in her leg after being struck by a hit-and-run car accident in South Pasadena.

The shelter recounted what transpired to the pup, which has since been dubbed “Miracle” by PHS staff:

Miracle was hit by a car in the intersection of Fair Oaks and Huntington. After the puppy was struck, she rolled underneath the car and landed on the sidewalk. A Good Samaritan ran to the puppy’s side, while the car drove away. This good-hearted individual rushed the injured dog to the Pasadena Humane Society where our animal control officers were waiting for her arrival after hours.

The injured puppy was diagnosed with a severe fracture in her hind leg, which requires surgery by an orthopedic specialist. Julie Bank, President/CEO of the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, stated:

“We are pulling together all our resources to ensure Miracle receives the best care possible and we need your help,” says . “We want to give her the best shot at having as normal a life as possible after such a devastating injury.”

The shelter is hopeful that Miracle’s owner can be found, and that she can be reunited with her family – thus far, nobody has come forward to claim the puppy as their own (Proof of ownership must be provided).

If an owner does not come forward, the puppy will be put up for adoption when she recovers from her injury. Interested parties can email and reference animal ID# A410205 for more information.

To help PHS continue to provide lifesaving care for Miracle and more animals like her, please consider making a donation to the Pasadena Humane Society at

If you have any information about this puppy, her owner or the hit and run itself, please call the Pasadena Humane Society at 626.792.7151.

Mother in ‘heavy labor’ when rescued from busy shelter

A gorgeous litter of “snow angel puppies” is alive today thanks to the prompt action of a rescue group in Orange County, California. Not long ago, the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County sprang into action on behalf of a pregnant shepherd who was in “heavy labor” at an animal control agency.

Rescue Director Maria Dales recounted the rescue effort, “Tempe and her paramour, Booth, were rescued from a distant shelter. Malnourished Tempe was ready to burst with puppies. GSROC responded to a plea from the shelter to rush to get her. Within hours of her rescue, Tempe began to deliver her babies.”


The puppies’ mother was so weak that she was unable to nurse her newborn babies, so veteran foster parents stepped up, armed with baby bottles and formula, to take on the huge task. Working round-the-clock to provide the newborns with their required feedings ensured that the litter of puppies survived.

The dedication of the foster parents has resulted in a gorgeous litter of snow angel puppies who are nearly ready to leave for their forever homes. The pups, Sweets, Hodgins, Parker, Camille, Angela and Finn (all named for characters in the Bones T.V. show), will be ready for their homes in two weeks.

Foster mom, Kelli Noss, described the little bundles of joy:

“The puppies are super goofy. They’re all identical minus a few features (my husband & I can tell them apart but I’m pretty sure no one else will be able to). The whole litter loves, loves,loves our kids (and our kids love them). Our 3 year old son likes to lay down on the grass with them and they all puppy pile him. Sweets has known his name since he was 4 weeks old and comes when he’s called. Camille, Sweets, and Finn were all supplemented 3-4 feedings, every day, for the first two weeks. “


She added:

“When we take in foster puppies, depending on the level of care we need to provide, we shift onto a schedule that’s fairly similar to having a newborn baby. We constantly are able to observe them on a video monitor so I can check on them while I pick up my daughter from school or when I’m resting in bed.  We also have great friends and family who understand that we have to cancel plans/events if a litter comes in,since there’s  no pre-planning when it comes to taking in fosters.  In rescue work, you get what you get.”

These precious puppies are well-rounded…they have spent their time around dogs, cats and even ferrets. All are described as “curious” and of course, they are sweet as they are adorable.

Litter of puppies ready for their home

The adoption donation for the puppies is $475, which includes vaccinations, microchip, worming, and spay/neuter.

Click here to find the website to complete an adoption application.