Too scared to walk

Surrendered dog is so scared that she won’t walk

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A dog named “Miracle” is in need of a miracle. The three-year-old mixed breed terrier was surrendered to the Carson Animal Services facility in California on March 11 and video taken shortly after she lost her family reveals the depth of her terror.

The video posted to Facebook is accompanied by words of explanation:

Sweet MIRACLE is so scared she won’t walk and she urinated when the staff were petting and reassuring her.

The following information was taken from Miracle’s intake paperwork:

My former family who owned me for more than a year had to give me up because they did not have enough time to spend with me. But they said that I spend most of my time outdoors, but it’s not ideal. I have not been housetrained. I am learning how to walk on a leash. I am just learning obedience skills. I should be the only pet in the house.

Miracle has so many things against her…she is scared, she is recommended to be the only pet in the household, and she is a pit bull mix…three strikes against a dog who has no control over her current situation.

Please help Miracle out of the Carson Animal Services facility by sharing her adoption information.

National Animal News on Facebook here.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    So why did these people get a dog if they “didn’t have time” for it? You don’t just get a dog to hang out in the back yard as a yard ornament! Hopefully Miracle will find her way to a new loving family. How I hate humans!

  2. tina says:

    Why the hell did they even have him! Spend most of his life outdoors?!!!! POS owners! Hoping Miracle will find a loving home very soon. Poor baby looks so frightened.

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    Miracle has been terrorized in her short life! That’s a given considering the fact that most of the time she was outside! This dog needs a calm quiet place where a true miracle can take place for Miracle! I bestow on Miracle my kisses and my protection! For you little one things will go the way they should!

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Sweet Jesus – these so called ‘owners’ should NEVER have another animal – they had no time for Miracle and their mistreatment of her is obvious by her terrified stance. I hope Miracle gets the safe loving home she so desperately needs – Pit Bulls are great dogs – their negative reputation is so undeserved – its humans who are the danger, not the dogs.

      • Paula says:

        Miss Cowly A5040046 SWEET DOG Temp test requested 4/5, none given Unique A5040601 Happy dog, gives hugs no temp test given LP A5040599 Very fearful dog. No aggression notes. No temp test given.

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