Desperate pup who eluded being euthanized ready for his new home

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A five-year-old collie destined to be euthanized last week in an Alabama county shelter has officially arrived at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  Lucky euthanized headed 2Now being bathed and medically treated for a moderate case of demodetic mange, the pup appropriately named Lucky, will soon be ready for adoption.

In an overcrowded shelter, where no one came to adopt him, the friendly dog’s only crime was having a mild case of mange and a heartless owner who had abandoned him. As the sweet dog was led quietly into the euthanasia room, Lucky sensed something terrible was about to happen, and as he was lifted up and placed on the table to be prepared for the fatal shot of a concentrated solution of poison into his arm, he would not hold still. Dog saved from euthanasiaHe wiggled, he struggled, and he jumped off the table to his freedom – hiding behind the shelf desperate to escape. Ironically he hid behind the drugs and syringes used to euthanize the dogs. dog saved from euthanasia 2

The shelter staff was so emotionally moved by Lucky’s ardent efforts to survive, they reached out to partner rescue organizations asking for help. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC  volunteered, and one week later, Lucky is safe and sound in the Big Apple.

Now looking for his “forever” home, Lucky is reported to be great with children and other dogs. Lucky euthanized headed 3He has not been cat tested. Interested in adopting a great dog with an amazing story? Click here for adoption information.

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(Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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  1. Edward says:

    Is Edward God bless you all at that shelter for letting him live he is gorgeous God bless everyone of you and the Lord himself I hope to God that he finds a home that’s not too abusive

  2. Penny's Dachshund says:

    This little guy is destined for a special mission here on earth… I sincerely believe he was spared for something/one out there !!!! I is a meant to be thing


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