Family dog shot by officer during child’s birthday party

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A family’s dog was fatally shot by a police officer who arrived during a child’s birthday party in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, reported Tuesday’s Fox 25 News. The police officer, whose name has not been disclosed, arrived to the home of Vickie Malone, who was throwing a party for her five-year-old son.

Malone, and children attending the party, had just gone inside to enjoy cake and ice cream when they heard shots ring out from their yard – the adults rushed outside and found three-year-old “Opie,” shot and gasping for air on the ground near the gate of the fence surrounding the family’s yard. The officer shot the dying dog two more times in front of children who were watching the disturbing scene through a window of the house.

The officer told Malone that he had been investigating a ten-year-old case and had arrived to the house with a warrant…a warrant for someone that Malone had never heard of. The officer claimed that Opie had charged him in explanation for the fatal shot.Screenshot (766)

Chief Ken Moore, with the Wynnewood Police Department, has defended the officer’s presence at the house, telling Fox 25 News that the officer, had the right to be there and that he “had to start somewhere.”

The family is grieving the loss of their pet and son, “Eli,” is mourning the death of his best 4-legged friend. The family has claimed that no one from the department has offered an apology for Opie’s death.

(Photos screen shots via Fox 25 News)



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  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Again, a heartless, coward of a police officer, killing a dog when so many other options were available to him. If sounds like the dog was IN the yard, so the officer wasn’t in danger. Idiot! Prayers for the family and this sweet dog. Those children will ALL need to deal with what they witnessed, and hopefully they get the help they’re going to need.

    • Shirley beal says:

      Just a coward with a badge to back him up! No excuse for this! I am a big police supporter but this time I’m ashamed of that fact- no excuse the police should have not gone on private property without notifying the owner!!! That cop needs to be fired from his job!!

  2. Edward says:

    F****** officer is a piece of f****** s*** how dare him come to a birthday party and shoot the family pet in front of f*************** what the f*** is this world come to and this scumbag a****** called chief of police defended him I am so sorry for that family why would you not knock on the f****** door with a f****** warm this scumbag should be shot during Duty cuz he’s a piece of s*** I was in the service at one time you only shoot when threatened and the dog is just protecting the house and child

  3. mongibello says:

    I fail to understand how the US police force behave in this way regarding private property since I believe dogs are considered as such…
    In Europe this behaviour is not acceptable, there would be an official inquiry if similar happened.
    The child will be haunted by this tragedy every birthday. So terribly sad.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I try to respect police officers but when they do something senseless like this it is very difficult! I don’t believe his “the dog was attacking” story. If he feared for his safety, why was he able to retrieve a high power rifle from the patrol car and go back and kill Opie? A warrant for someone that lived in a house 10 years ago, should NOT be a reason to murder a family’s dog. And Chief Ken Moore sticking up for this officer is disgusting! I hope this family hires a lawyer and sues the department. Something has to get through to these “scared of dogs” cops to change this sort of behavior! Rest in Peace Opie, this should never have happened!

    • Susan Steele Loughnane says:

      I hope they get legal counsel too! what those children witnessed will not soon, if ever, be forgotten. To expect to find the person in question after 10 yrs. is crazy. It’s a terrible end to a family pet. I am heartsick.

  5. Annabel Edwards says:

    Do the Police ever stop shooting dogs what on hell is going on it was a children party. R>I>P>Sweetie Pie.

  6. Penny's Dachshund says:

    What THE HELL GOES ON HERE: CAN I go into someone’s yard and shoot their dog and get away with it!!! This is not justiflable and I sincerely hope a Good Lawyer with a caring heart will take on this horrific case of ABUSE of POLICE FORCE!

  7. GizmosMommy Ellen says:

    This disgrace of an officer should be fired. Period end of discussion. To do something that heinous in front of children – that’s not a person who should be protecting people. He damaged those children with lifetime scars.

  8. Terree Moore says:

    The cops make me sick… And now the chief is standing behind this murderer… Cops need to get a hell of alot more training dealing with dogs… And he did this in front children… Sue the shit outta the whole department…

  9. Susan Steele Loughnane says:

    JUST SICK! A ten year old case? Why did they even think the person would still be at that address. RIP Opie. Your little friend will forever see the police as “the bad guys”. More damage done here yet to be reveled. I’m going to scream!

  10. Jennifer says:

    This is insanity! He had to start somewhere?? That has got to be the most asinine statement. Yeah he could have started at the front door! What that hell was he doing sneaking around the backyard, even with a warrent he had other ways moron. Love how they stick together EVEN when their wrong, like now.

  11. Lisa says:

    This warrants disciplinary action. Trigger happy cops cause more harm than good. He had no business shooting a dog behind a fence.

  12. Paula says:

    The police needs better training how to handle dogs. Maybe the whispering MSN can give some advice. But yes, I agree in suing the police because he shot the dog in front the children and they will be traumatized and will need to see a therapist add the dog was shot 3x. A dog dying because of old age is a natural part of life where a dog shot and killed fir no reasons is not natural.

  13. Angela moore says:

    Wow to serve and protect ,what a joke this bad apple should be fired and charged for child abuse as well as unlawful shooting what an embarrassment to the police force disgusting


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