Chihuahua rescued from 6-foot deep drain pipe

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In San Diego, California, one frightened, tiny Chihuahua trapped in a six-foot storm drain owes her life to another dog, reports AbcNews10.

In Lincoln Park, some Good Samaritans noticed a dog peering into an eight-inch drainage pipe in the Imperial Fish Market parking lot off of Euclid Avenue in the Valencia Park neighborhood. When they looked down, there was the trapped puppy looking up. County Animal Services were summoned, where Animal Control Officer Angela Jones was able to use her rescue equipment to hoist the little one out from the bottom of the drain sewer.chihuahua-rescued-from-storm-drain-3

No one knows how the scared little dog, donning a red child’s jacket, fell into the hole, but authorities are now looking for her owner. The four-year-old dog was not microchipped and will be kept at the Gaines Street shelter for three days and then be placed for adoption if her family doesn’t show up.

Just in case something happens to your four-legged best friends, spend the few dollars and have them microchipped. This little girl would likely have been rejoined with her family if her identity could have been known.

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Photos via County Animal Services

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  1. Nice to see some humans in tune with animals for a change, They have many lessons to teach us if we would only just stop and listen we could learn so much. ??


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