Britain loses oldest tiger, ‘Tango’

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On Saturday, Britain’s oldest tiger, “Tango,” was humanely euthanized because of deteriorating health and age related issues. According to the Lincolnshire Echo, the 22-year-old tiger, who called the Woodside Wildlife Park “home,” had been at the park for over two years – ever since he was rescued from a European circus in 2014.

Tango lived a long life – tigers, on average, live to be 16 years of age. At 22 years old, Tanga was just two years shy of matching the oldest living tiger on record (24 years). Tango was rescued with his feline companion, Julia, who is significantly younger (and who was said to “keep Tango young”).

The wildlife park spent months preparing for the arrival of the rescued tigers, and invested a significant amount of money to ensure that they would have a beautiful environment to keep them happy and comfortable.



Woodside ” stepped in at the 11th hour to save Tango and Julia from an early demise. Julia, who is now ten years of age, remains at the park and she is learning to adjust to life without her friend.

Park owner Neil Mumby commented after the elderly tiger’s death, “We were happy to give him a good, peaceful retirement for two-and-a-half years – we have seen him chasing butterflies, swimming and behaving like a tiger deserves to.”

(Photos Woodside Wildlife Park/Facebook)



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