Bonded dogs, found as strays, rejected by their owner

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Generally, when lost dogs are reunited with their owners, it is a joyous occasion. Sadly, that was not the case for Shadow and Kloe – two dogs who were recently picked up as strays in Long Island, New York.

After the dogs were found, they were taken to the Brookhaven Shelter where staff worked to find their owner – after several days, the shelter successfully determined who Shadow and Kloe belonged to, but after being notified that the dogs were at the shelter, the owner rejected the pair.

According to the Desperate Dogs of Long Island Facebook page, the dogs now sit in their shelter kennel runs, sad and alone; their days are spent staring through bars, waiting for a familiar face to save them from their unexpected nightmare.

Despite their fear and confusion, both dogs have remained affectionate; they are known to offer a paw to strangers who stop long enough to say hello.

Please help these rejected dogs find a new home together – all they need right now is a chance, and love.

Adoption information:

  • Brookhaven Shelter, Long Island, New York 631-451-6950
  • Shadow, CC# 16-54-5238
  • Shadow 6 years old – Rottweiler mix – weight 56 pounds
  • Kloe, two-years-old, Labrador Retriever mix, 40 pounds
  • Kloe, CC# 16-54-5239
  • Facebook thread for these dogs here
  • Note-dogs have not been tested with cats






10 replies
  1. mongibello says:

    Sounds like they were chucked out to get lost. Doubt they were ever genuine strays.
    POS owners.
    It will be difficult for them to find a home together, but we never know. Prayers.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I agree, owners didn’t want them in the first place, sending prayers for these poor pups, and sharing.

  2. agrippamom says:

    I agree with mongibello, their human probably took them somewhere to get rid of them and hoped no one would ever return them, not caring what happened to them, whether they died on the streets, got hit by a car, killed by an animal, abused by humans, caught by dog fighters, etc. I hope someone reads this or sees them and adopts them together.

  3. Bonnie Welch says:

    I would LOVE to adopt them…hell I wish I had 1 million acres with 10 million dollars and save ALL dogs from these scum bag POS evil monsters who do this kind of thing to these poor dogs. They are your family members for the Christ’s sake… do you just throw them out and never want them back???? People like that arent even human, not even considered something that deserves to breathe our air!!!! Please someone step up and save these 2 together. At least they can have each other. Please save them now…..they need you. They need a good loving home where people will love and care for them. They deserve to be spoiled. Thier owners on the other hand deserve to be BOILED!!!!!! GRRRRRRR

  4. ed says:

    I assume they have been adopted out by now. Would love to take them but I live on the west coast. My current dog may have something to say about me speaking without his input.


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