Photographer’s fostered pups featured in adorable photo shoot

When three newborn puppies were taken in as fosters by photographer Kelly Frankenburg, of 11 Sixteen Photography, they became the subject of some incredibly adorable photos – photos which Kelly hopes will find them awesome homes.

Kelly specializes in newborn photos – typically of the human sort. But after the two-week-old puppies (don’t worry, her family is caring for mama dog as well) came to stay at the Frankenburg home, she couldn’t resist doing a newborn puppy shoot as well.

She told People what inspired her (aside from the obvious – capturing amazing photos of these little ones),

I thought if people could see past them being homeless shelter dogs, if they could see how adorable they are, that they would be more likely to get adopted.”

She added:

“If I can use my talents to showcase them in a way that catches the eye of a potential adopter, then I’ve done my job. Shelter dogs are just as good as breeder dogs, and I want to raise awareness for all these wonderful shelter animals who need good homes. I hope that people see my pictures and click on the shelter website, whether to adopt these dogs or maybe they see another animal they might be interested in.”

The puppies, and Mama “Paris,” are available for adoption through Virginia’s  Richmond Animal Care and Control. Right now, Love Bug, Tito and Messi, are too young to leave their mom, but in just under six weeks, they will be ready to be adopted. Undoubtedly, their adorable photos will help them find amazing homes in no time at all.

Mama Paris

Kelly hopes that people will be inspired to not only adopt a shelter dog, but perhaps to open their home and foster dogs (puppies too!) in need.

You can visit the Richmond Animal Shelter’s Facebook page here. 

Find 11 Sixteen Photography’s Facebook page here, and website here.

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Be still my heart – check out these adorable photos showcasing a precious friendship.


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Nurses reunited puppy with hospitalized owner

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Update on puppy who was left in a Texas mailbox

A happy update has been released about the puppy who was left inside of a mailbox over the weekend in Buna, Texas. According to Click 2 Houston News, the tiny puppy has already found a new home with a family who met, and fell in love with him, at church on Sunday.

The puppy, who was abandoned by a man driving what appeared to be a dark gray Ford F250 truck, has been adopted by the McKinzy family…and the formerly homeless puppy has been named “Rari.” Surveillance video showed that Rari was left inside of a mailbox outside of the Buna Animal Hospital on Saturday – it is believed that the puppy remained inside of the small box until Sunday, when the McKinzy family discovered him.Screenshot (1159)

Rari is safe and sound and now has a bright future, but the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office are looking for the man who put the pup’s life in jeopardy. Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Matt Ortego told Click 2 Houston, “That animal doesn’t have a choice. You know, they rely on you to feed them, to water them, you know, to take care of them.”

Former article about this situation here.

(Photos screenshots via Click 2 Houston News)

In Detroit, someone abandoned three sick puppies in a blue tote alongside a highway – read more here.


Family’s lost dog adopted out to new family

A California family is upset that their lost dog was picked up by a good Samaritan, taken to a shelter in San Diego, and then adopted out to a new family a short time later. According to Wednesday’s NBC 7 San Diego News, Prince, an Alaskan Malamute mix, managed to slip out of his harness in early October – his family tried to find him by putting up lost dog fliers, and posting to Facebook and Craigslist, but their efforts were apparently thwarted by the shelter who had him in their care.

After slipping out of a harness on October 2, Arlene Alvarado’s five-year-old dog ended up at the San Diego Humane Society in Escondido –  when Alvarado saw a post about her dog on Lost Husky San Diego Facebook page, she called the shelter, but learned that her dog was already adopted to someone else.

Alvarado claims that she phoned the shelter asking about her dog on the 7th of October – just one day after he was picked up, but she claims that the facility told her that her dog was not there. A spokesperson for the shelter issued a statement about the sad situation, “We’re very sorry for this misunderstanding and have offered Ms. Alvarado our deepest regrets and a free adoption. It is extremely important that pet owners have their pets licensed and micro-chipped so animal shelters are able to reunite pets with their owners as quickly as possible.”

Alvarado is going through the court to try and fight for custody of her dog – in the meantime, she hopes that his new family will hear her plea and opt to return him to her, of their own accord.

This sad situation is a reminder to all pet owners to keep their pets licensed, micro-chipped and fitted with current identification tags.






Featured adoptable dog of the day – meet Casey

Meet Casey, the featured adoptable dog of the day. Like so many homeless dogs, Casey is special – this particular four-year-old dog has what some may consider to be a special need – he is deaf. According to those who are caring for him, Casey’s lack of hearing does not slow him down in the slightest, nor does it impact his ability to communicate.

Casey is with Redemption Rescues, which stated, “He will melt your heart the first time you meet him.” Casey enjoys the company of other dogs (especially play time) and he is equally happy cuddling with people.

Every dog is different, every dog is special, and Casey has so many unique, lovable and endearing characteristics, deaf being one of them. He does not let it slow him down one bit and it really isn’t a big deal communicating with him at all.

Casey’s rescue group stated, “Casey is fully vetted and available for foster/adoption within two hours of NYC. He is great with kids (10+), doggies (same size) and everyone else.”

Interested in helping this handsome dog?  Please consider being his hero and fill out an application at the website for REDEMPTIONRESCUES.ORG.

Casey’s photo was taken by photographer Sophie Gamand #PitBullFlowerPower

Facebook thread for Casey here.

Bonded dogs, found as strays, rejected by their owner


Generally, when lost dogs are reunited with their owners, it is a joyous occasion. Sadly, that was not the case for Shadow and Kloe – two dogs who were recently picked up as strays in Long Island, New York.

After the dogs were found, they were taken to the Brookhaven Shelter where staff worked to find their owner – after several days, the shelter successfully determined who Shadow and Kloe belonged to, but after being notified that the dogs were at the shelter, the owner rejected the pair.

According to the Desperate Dogs of Long Island Facebook page, the dogs now sit in their shelter kennel runs, sad and alone; their days are spent staring through bars, waiting for a familiar face to save them from their unexpected nightmare.

Despite their fear and confusion, both dogs have remained affectionate; they are known to offer a paw to strangers who stop long enough to say hello.

Please help these rejected dogs find a new home together – all they need right now is a chance, and love.

Adoption information:

  • Brookhaven Shelter, Long Island, New York 631-451-6950
  • Shadow, CC# 16-54-5238
  • Shadow 6 years old – Rottweiler mix – weight 56 pounds
  • Kloe, two-years-old, Labrador Retriever mix, 40 pounds
  • Kloe, CC# 16-54-5239
  • Facebook thread for these dogs here
  • Note-dogs have not been tested with cats






Save the life of an unwanted pet – consider fostering


Everyday, the same question is repeated by readers of the National Dog News column…”what can I do to help?” Aside from sharing information about dogs in need, there is a life-saving act that is a direct, hands-on way to help and it is called fostering.

There are several types of people who make amazing fosters…

The first type is the dog lover who is horrified by the number of dogs who are dying in shelters; those who want to do SOMETHING, anything to help. This person can make a huge difference in the life of the dog that they foster AND help another dog make it out of the shelter alive.

Another “ideal foster” is a person who already has a “complete” dog family. In other words, someone who is not looking for another dog and who is happy with their current situation. Fosters with a “complete dog family” are less likely to be tempted to keep their foster dog.

The third individual who is ideal for fostering is the person who is considering adding a second or third dog to their family. What better way to pick a companion than to “test-drive” them in your own household? If you find a dog that fits your family’s dynamics perfectly, then you adopt. If the dog is not perfect at your home, you can keep him/her until the dog meets the family that does have the perfect dynamics.

For any of you who HAVE adopted a rescue dog, please consider for a moment that someone fostered YOUR dog at one point in time and gave him/her a chance to find YOU! Remember, pay it forward!!

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