Photographer treats newborn foster puppies to amazing photoshoot

Photographer’s fostered pups featured in adorable photo shoot

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When three newborn puppies were taken in as fosters by photographer Kelly Frankenburg, of 11 Sixteen Photography, they became the subject of some incredibly adorable photos – photos which Kelly hopes will find them awesome homes.

Kelly specializes in newborn photos – typically of the human sort. But after the two-week-old puppies (don’t worry, her family is caring for mama dog as well) came to stay at the Frankenburg home, she couldn’t resist doing a newborn puppy shoot as well.

She told People what inspired her (aside from the obvious – capturing amazing photos of these little ones),

I thought if people could see past them being homeless shelter dogs, if they could see how adorable they are, that they would be more likely to get adopted.”

She added:

“If I can use my talents to showcase them in a way that catches the eye of a potential adopter, then I’ve done my job. Shelter dogs are just as good as breeder dogs, and I want to raise awareness for all these wonderful shelter animals who need good homes. I hope that people see my pictures and click on the shelter website, whether to adopt these dogs or maybe they see another animal they might be interested in.”

The puppies, and Mama “Paris,” are available for adoption through Virginia’s  Richmond Animal Care and Control. Right now, Love Bug, Tito and Messi, are too young to leave their mom, but in just under six weeks, they will be ready to be adopted. Undoubtedly, their adorable photos will help them find amazing homes in no time at all.

Mama Paris

Kelly hopes that people will be inspired to not only adopt a shelter dog, but perhaps to open their home and foster dogs (puppies too!) in need.

You can visit the Richmond Animal Shelter’s Facebook page here. 

Find 11 Sixteen Photography’s Facebook page here, and website here.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Those babies and Momma are too precious for words………

    Hope they all find wonderful furever homes with families who will treat them as beloved and treasured family members……..


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