Volunteer favorite has been red-listed

After months, ‘volunteer favorite’ has been ‘red-listed’

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After several months of being networked, a homeless dog at the Los Angeles Animal Services “Harbor Shelter,” in California, has been “red-listed.” Trixie, a five-year-old pit bull mix is so sweet that she has become a favorite among volunteers, but their favor is not enough to keep her out of harm’s way.

A glowing description has been written about this lovely dog:

Trixie is easily one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She’s a voluptuous and full-figured beauty who loves having her ample belly rubbed, and whose calm and gentle nature has already made her a volunteer favorite. She shares her kennel with another dog and appears to be dog-friendly.  Trixie is amazing.”

Because of a mass on one of Trixie’s legs, she is on “medical alert.” Please take a moment to help this dog find a rescue agency, or an adopter, before she runs out of time.

Facebook thread here.

Impound No. A1650794
Pit Bull Terrier mix
5 Years Old
Weight: 68-lbs.
Impound Date: 8/22/16

Contact Info:
Harbor Animal Care Center, San Pedro, CA
Direct Line 310.548.2632
Kennel Supervisor, Hal Moore
city cell 213.305.8732
Kennel Supervisor, Gerald Hill,
city cell 213.305.8312

(photo via ARF Harbor Shelter/Karl Lovey’s Photography)

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