German shepherd nearly froze to death from owner neglect

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In Kansas City, Missouri, a German shepherd nearly froze to death after he was left outside chained in the backyard in below zero degree weather. According to Fox News4KC, the dog was rushed to the Blue Pearl Emergency Clinic  on Sunday night where he was later transferred to the Plaza Animal Clinic.german-shepherd-almost-froze-2

Missouri German Shepherd Rescue tells the tragic story of the dog now dubbed Caesar. The person who turned the dog into KC Pet Project originally claimed the dog was a stray, but soon changed his story claiming the dog belonged to him and had been missing for a month. Eventually the truth came out, thanks to a microchip, that neither of the stories were true – the dog had been left outside and lapsed into a coma and was nearly frozen when discovered. Caesar had been chained up for his entire life, and when rescued he was so week, the dog had to be carried in by a stretcher.german-shepherd-almost-froze4

As to Caesar’s condition, veterinarians report he has no teeth, most likely a result of having chewed on his chain, his nails were so long they had curled up and Caesar had been starved. In addition, the dog is heartworm positive, can not stand on one of his back legs and has an untreated eye disease. It is anticipated the dog will require dental surgery, eye surgery and leg surgery. On Monday afternoon, the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue updated advocates on Caesar’s condition:

“Caesar’s bloodwork was a bit mixed, but his main organs look good. Amazing! Other deviations might be due to extreme malnutrition…the only way to tell for sure is to give him time to get better.”

Caesar is reported to be resting comfortably now and taking pain medication. It is hoped that this sweet German shepherd who nearly froze to death will recover and one day be ready for adoption. Wishing you a loving future Caesar. To donate to Caesar’s recovery, please click here.

(Photos of German shepherd nearly froze courtesy of Missouri German Shepherd Rescue)

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  1. Darla says:

    I live in Iowa and it’s been brutally cold. My dogs are outside for 2 minutes to go potty and they want back inside (and of course I let them in the house IMMEDIATELY). The POS owner of this Shepherd knew what he did was wrong and that’s why he kept changing his story. I hope Caesar can make a full recovery and be adopted by someone who loves him.

    • Lloyd G says:


  2. Rosemary says:

    This is awful and non-called for a beautiful DOG to be neglect from his owner it’s winter outside right now at any State There’s no reason to leave your pets outside. STOP STOP.

  3. Linda Szymoniak says:

    My dogs sleep with me on my bed. When the weather is as cold as it is now, I let them out just long enough to potty and then stand just outside the door (no coat, so I know just how cold it is) and call them in. This morning, even though my Seiji only walked back to the back of our yard to do his duty, he was limping from the cold on his paws by the time he came back to the house. I can’t even imagine leaving an animal out in this weather. EVEN with a dog house, they simply deserve to be part of the family and be inside where it’s warm and they have food, water, and companionship. Dogs are social animals – like humans. They don’t do well in isolation.

    • Teri says:

      Our dogs sleep with us as well (we have 5, 3 are small) but they are our kids.. Even though they have a doggy door to go in and out as they please, when it comes time for bed, i go out with them to make sure they dont get stuck outside and i find i am always doing a head count and listen for the noise of the doggy is too cold to be outside. Maybe they need to treat the human same as he treated his dog – chained up, starved, and forgotten.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      Wyoming/Montana is brutal at times in the winter!!! Our dogs also have a dog door for daily use Shut at Night and they sleep with us too. under the blankets… Worse part is they ” are blanket hogs”… Our large also rescue Old English Shepherd/ Aussie hates the indoors… he has a insulated dog house with a run that also has a roof (MADE BYAKC).. We also put in a chicken lamp so when it is cold or snowing he has extra heat… only a total complete perverted AO Redneck Deliverance type jerk- off would treat an animal like that… drop them in the deep end of a large lake with a cement block!!!

  4. Kathryn Aldridge says:

    I hope his “owner” is never allowed to have animals AGAIN! This is UNCONSCIONABLE! Whoever would leave a dog outside, chained up for his entire LIFE has NO INTEREST in the life of a sentient being! Poor baby. Prayers for your speedy healing, Caesar! ???? ????????❤????????

  5. Diane says:

    I think the owner should be chained up to the dog house with no food, water, or clothes on. That poor dog probably cried all the time because he was so cold and hungry. Thank God he fell into unconsciousness so he could be saved. Thank you rescue shelter.

  6. Donna Lloyd says:

    I’ve had animals all my life. I would give up meals them, cable, internet, home phone, if ever needed just to provide for them; I would just give them up because I wanted something or needed something more inportant than them! I’ve had dogs in my life, all my life, until I went to an apartment. I believe dogs belong inside and out with their owners outside with them, running around playing with their dogs having fun, loving and appreciating with the relationships they are building with their dogs! If I had a balcony I’d have an apartment size dog with newspapers and a dogy pad, I’d have 2 or 3 inside as well! I have a cat now, and Amber sleeps with me under all the blankets and her own as well; she’s got three I’ve got three she sleeps under them all the only thing we’ve got sticking out is our noses to breath! If It’s really super cold with the wind chill and it’s whisling around we turn on a heater until it get warm enough for us! I would never throw her out in the cold or out of her bed, in fact I go sometimes and get Amber and bring her to bed with me, because I miss her being with me, safe and warm! “Amber is the love of my life, my reason for being, she’s my everything, Amber get me through the tough times and the hard times, I would never abandon her or hurt her in anyway shape or form. The only thing that will ever seperate us is death either mine from her or Amber from me! I don’t know people can bother to take animals to abuse and mistreat them

  7. James Odom says:

    I live in Alabama and the weather has not been that cold. I have a German Shepherd and bring him in every night regardless of the weather. It pi$$ me of to see anyone treat a beautiful dog so poorly. I would love to have Caesar. The owner should be chained to a tree and have his teeth pulled if he has any.

  8. Nancy says:

    The owner should face attempted murder charges or a Human Angel should take over and get this baby the Justice he deserves that he won’t get with our court system. I say the punishment should fit the crime. Works for me!

  9. brigitte st jean says:

    This fucking owner shoud have his ass outside with no clothes on and let him freeze to death. That’s what he deserves


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