German shepherd nearly froze to death from owner neglect

In Kansas City, Missouri, a German shepherd nearly froze to death after he was left outside chained in the backyard in below zero degree weather. According to Fox News4KC, the dog was rushed to the Blue Pearl Emergency Clinic  on Sunday night where he was later transferred to the Plaza Animal Clinic.german-shepherd-almost-froze-2

Missouri German Shepherd Rescue tells the tragic story of the dog now dubbed Caesar. The person who turned the dog into KC Pet Project originally claimed the dog was a stray, but soon changed his story claiming the dog belonged to him and had been missing for a month. Eventually the truth came out, thanks to a microchip, that neither of the stories were true – the dog had been left outside and lapsed into a coma and was nearly frozen when discovered. Caesar had been chained up for his entire life, and when rescued he was so week, the dog had to be carried in by a stretcher.german-shepherd-almost-froze4

As to Caesar’s condition, veterinarians report he has no teeth, most likely a result of having chewed on his chain, his nails were so long they had curled up and Caesar had been starved. In addition, the dog is heartworm positive, can not stand on one of his back legs and has an untreated eye disease. It is anticipated the dog will require dental surgery, eye surgery and leg surgery. On Monday afternoon, the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue updated advocates on Caesar’s condition:

“Caesar’s bloodwork was a bit mixed, but his main organs look good. Amazing! Other deviations might be due to extreme malnutrition…the only way to tell for sure is to give him time to get better.”

Caesar is reported to be resting comfortably now and taking pain medication. It is hoped that this sweet German shepherd who nearly froze to death will recover and one day be ready for adoption. Wishing you a loving future Caesar. To donate to Caesar’s recovery, please click here.

(Photos of German shepherd nearly froze courtesy of Missouri German Shepherd Rescue)

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