4-week-old puppy purchased off of Craigslist and then dumped because he was too much work

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When an adorable four-week-old puppy, since dubbed Little Bear, was sold to a family via Craigslist and had to be bottle fed because he still belonged in the care of his mother, his new owner decided he no longer wanted the responsibility.Little Bear cover

Little Bear had been purchased for $600; a father bought the pup as a gift for his six-month-old son, but soon realized having to provide the care the puppy needed to survive was just too much work. He had planned to dump the puppy on a New York City street sometime late into the night when no one could witness his heartless deed. Fortunately, the owner notified Social Tees Animal Rescue, and at 12:45 a.m., a volunteer ran out to find the puppy; Little Bear was rescued.

As is, Little Bear should never have been separated from his mother at this age and required 24/7 care. Not much information had been shared as to where Little Bear came from, except that his “mother had died.” The puppy had been part of a litter bred in the basement of a home; female dogs commonly turned into breeders and then their puppies sold via Craigslist with no responsible care or knowledge. Little Bear

The organization is asking for help now-hoping to change the laws. To their Facebook followers, the rescue posted:

“This puppy should still be with his mom for another few weeks, but many backyard breeders who sell puppies via Craigslist and word of mouth etc. often claim the mom dog died during childbirth so it doesn’t look as heinous when they sell the puppies as soon as their eyes open — and then get mom ready to breed again faster. We are trying to figure out how to break this cycle, but there are virtually no laws (at least in NY) that prevent the breeding and selling of animals like this. Any ideas, experts, lawyers, movers and shakers out there? We have already been contacted by a private investigator and a major media outlet; both want to help raise awareness and make major change. The more voices and suggestions we have, the stronger we can all be together. Email [email protected] if you have a solid lead! Little Bear is our official spokes puppy for this cause, he needs you behind him!”Little Bear 3

For now Little Bear is living with his foster mom – growing bigger and stronger, learning how to play with other dogs and getting ready to be adopted. Make your voices heard against backyard breeding. To donate to Social Tees Animal Rescue, please click here.

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(Photos and video courtesy of Social Tees Animal Rescue


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  1. Wow!!! Some organization NEEDS to start a “gofundme” account for this NITWIT so called father FOR A VASCETOMY because HE sure doesn’t Need to father any more children!!!! As for the breeders of this Little Bear Survivor They NEED to be PUT out of Business !!! ” In other words Eliminated from Society””””!!!!

    • I Totally agree with you!!!! The deceit, fraud, stalkers, rapes, murderer’s, far OUTNUMBER the POSITIVE aspects of this Site!

    • It’s been tried, but to no avail. The powers that be at craigslist won’t even do the decent thing and stop these ads, nor the ‘free to good home’ ads. They’re scum.

  2. I’ve been bottle feeding a feral kitten and while it does take time and care, it’s more than worth it. My Kotoha i now going on two months (she was two weeks old when I found her) and on solid food, but I don’t regret one moment of bottle feeding her. I know rescuers who take on entire litters of puppies and/or kittens and keep them healthy. Firt of all, anyone who “sells” puppies need to be strung up – especially when they take them away from their mothers too young. I’m just glad this pup didn’t die on the street. I hope Karma pays a visit both to the man who bought the puppy, and especially to the one who sold this puppy.

  3. first why was a 4 week old pup sold ? here it is illegal before 8 weeks so someone should get kicked in the ass in the first place….. the asshole that bought it and dumped it should be beat loser

    • Its illegal everywhere I’m aware of to sell a puppy or kitten under 8 weeks of age….as the article pointed out, the seller simply said the mother dog had died, which is apparently a common excuse.

      The man who bought the puppy for his 6 month old son (just WHAT was a 6 month old going to do with any pet?) and then planned to just dump him, was clearly stupid and selfish……BUT he is not the main “bad guy” here…..Craigslist which keeps allowing these sales of pets; and the backyard breeders who continue to breed and breed their female dogs into exhaustion…..I’ve read the average puppy mill female breeding dog lives only 5 years…….they are the true villains of this story…..

  4. Where to start……..

    A filthy backyard breeder who needs to be put in jail for animal cruelty. That puppy was too young, BY LAW, to be separated from his mother!

    Then we have a douchebag ‘father’ who is STUPID enough to buy a puppy for a six month old (are you kidding me!!!???), but the puppy was too young to begin with, so he decided to DUMP the poor baby even though he paid $600 for him, which is as much as some people pay for their mortgage every month, and allow the poor baby to die a horrible death. However, he relented and called a rescue instead and gave them an ‘either / or’ proposition: either you come get this puppy or I WILL abandon him to die on the streets.

    And THIS vile piece of filth has a child to raise for the next 20 years. God help that kid.

    I also read that the scumbag KNOWS the backyard breeder and is fully aware of the conditions under which this innocent lamb came into the world. ARE YOU KIDDING? What kind of human being is this guy?

    Find that BB and put it out of business! But for heaven’s sake, find a way to force that ‘dad’ to get himself fixed so that innocent child is his last.

  5. There are so many wonderful dogs in need of homes out there! Stop buying from these monster breeders! Check out the pound, rescue groups and find out what amazing dogs are just waiting for a good home. Every one of my dogs were rescued dogs and they are all amazingly smart and loving!

    • TRUE, but unfortunately many people just won’t GO to an animal shelter….Its “noisy”, it “smells”, its “depressing”……etc……. ;–(

      • Yeah and they are a lot of trouble if they haven’t been trained but then you have the best dog ever! As for little animals,
        I raised a kitten that appeared out of no-where with a bottle. That was 5 years ago and he is the biggest pest, he still puts his paws around my neck, hugs me and PURRRRS..

  6. make the guy pay for the upkeep of the 4 legged kid wearing fur and who he brougth it from also.pay for all care and also stop the bredding also.jail the guy for mistreating a kid wearing fur.

    • Virginia, they don’t even jail people who have tortured their pets to death……this guy would never be jailed, or even fined…….just being honest about the situation.

  7. I love the video of the pup with his new best friend. That “big sister” is worth her weight in gold. She’s the perfect nurse mate. Bless her heart. That pup is going to be a well rounded family pet. Lucky family that gets him.

  8. I live in UK but can someone who lives in the USA start a petition to close down the scum Craigslist & sent it to the government or someone when there is enough signatures? Please?x

  9. Another reason Craigslist should be banned from ALL animal posts – this so called ‘father’ bought a puppy too small to be taken from its mother – that alone says the seller could care less – just wanted $$$$. And what idiot would think a six month old would even know what a dog is? I cannot believe the stupidity of the human race.


  11. Puppies need to nurse until they are 8 weeks old at least. the seller and the buyer are both idiots. Craigslist is the worst! The owner has absolutely no conscience whatsoever.


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