Dog dumped at shelter with tumor larger than her head

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UPDATE: Lorna’s operation was a success. Interested in meeting this great little gal?Loma the Chih after her operation Contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Here’s her post op photo on the left.

One can only shake their head in pure disgust and disbelief; who can understand the callousness and cruelty involved when a tiny dog was apparently dumped at a Florence, Alabama shelter in this condition?Lorna

The dogs in desperate need of medical help never stop coming; the question remains however – how could any owner allow their dog to endure this kind of pain and discomfort and not help her? Tiny Lorna didn’t get this way overnight. And again, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC  has offered to help, and late Saturday night, the sweet little Chihuahua arrived in New York City and was immediately transferred to a rescue partner veterinary surgeon.Lorna 5 Volunteers from the rescue visited with Lorna to greet her to the Big Apple where it is hoped her life will change for the better – Monday morning Lorna is scheduled for surgery:

“Lorna the chihuahua is unfortunately in very rough shape. Her tumor is larger than her head, hard as a rock, and it obstructs her back legs so she can’t walk. She was shaking with nerves when we first sat with her, but we wrapped her in a blanket and fed her some treats, and she got much more comfortable. She could not have been sweeter; so happy that she is having surgery to remove the tumor on Monday – send all of your good thoughts to this little senior angel!”Lorna 4

A Facebook page for this little one can be followed here. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue updated Lorna’s condition:

“Can you imagine what a horror this has been for this tiny girl, the pain, the discomfort? Makes us sick! It took a long time for the mass to get this big. Lorna arrived in NYC yesterday and is safe at our vet getting stabilized and prepped for surgery.”

Please donate and help with the cost of Lorna‘s surgery by clicking here or

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(No portion of this story can be reprinted without the permission of the Pet Rescue Report.) Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.



7 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Poor baby, who lets a dog get like this. Again Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to the rescue. Prayers for Lorna, There is a special place in heaven for this organization!

  2. virginia green says:

    praying you can safe the dog.the dog is cute and sweet and i hope you find her a good home also.the pwner of her should pay the bills for her care and jail the person who did it to ger.

  3. Robert F Hooker Jr says:

    Help is and nena out..find out for us please about her..we want her to spend her days with us..we have a loving environment and other rescue animals to share our home with. Can you help us and her???

  4. Penny's Dachshund says:

    What a Rotten , Vile , individual to allow this little dog to suffer so long without medical attention /Then dump her.. Someone needs to DROP KICK Them!


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