22 dogs discovered living in homeless veteran’s SUV in Bronx

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In a very sad situation, a homeless woman believed to be a veteran and suffering from mental illness, was found this week in Bronx, New York living in her Mercedes SUV with 22 dogs, reports NbcNewYork. German shepherds 22 living van cover

A German shepherd crated in the rear of the vehicle lived with 21 puppies of various ages and breeds in the heat and humidity in what has been described by authorities as deplorable conditions. German shepherds 22 living in van

“She had the German shepherd kind of crated really to the back and the rest of them were just loose all over the place,” stated Regina Galente of Adore-a-Bullie Paws and Claws.

The puppies ranged in ages – some Bruno the van dogextremely tiny and frail while others hid in the corner of the vehicle too afraid to venture out. Bobbie and the Strays, a Long Island rescue has agree to take in half of the dogs. Even police officers came to the aid of the pups.

The German shepherd named Bruno watched over all of the puppies just like a doting dad. According to the Adore-a Bullie Paws and Claws, he is approximately five years old – great with children and other dogs and available for adoption.Bruno the van dog 4 For more information about adopting this great dog, click here. To help with these dogs, donations can be made here. Bruno the van dog 6

Bobbi and the Strays, a rescue in Freeport has volunteered to help 11 of the dogs. All of the dogs needs veterinary attention, baths and socialization. To donate, foster or adopt, please follow this link.

All of the puppies are expected to survive. The woman has been charged with animal neglect.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

(Photos courtesy of Adore-A-Bullie and Bobbie and the Strays)

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  1. From the Photo None of the Dogs look to be in poor condition!!!! Yes, this woman needed help, BUT SHE does Not Appear to have abused, starved, tortured, murdered, maimed, any of those little ones and Her German Shepard looks to be in good condition too!!! So sad it has had to come to this for a woman Who Apparently Served OUR COUNTRY WITH HONOR!!! I am glad rescues came to assist and they didn’t all go to be euthanized!!!!

    • You are right poor lady trying to help, they probably gave her the comfort she could not find in our so called humans society.

    • She is also a war veteran, some respect please, I don’t think this is the same as the other horrors that are posted. Lady needs to be helped.

    • Two rescues have stepped up for the dogs. There were too many photos for one article, but I linked each rescue organization. You can go over and check them out – each one cuter than the next and in need of homes, fosters and volunteers.

  2. Poor woman, probably got in over her head. I feel for the homeless, and from the sounds of it, this woman needs help. I’m not surprised the German Shepherd was watching over the group, that’s what they do. I hope this woman gets the help she needs and all of the dogs find wonderful homes.


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