Old and ailing – dog dumped when he needed his family the most

He’s old, and ailing, possibly suffering from cancer, and he has been dumped at a busy, high-intake animal shelter in California at the time of his life when he needs his family the most. The … Read More

Dead thread means a dead dog – this puppy is in danger

Update 8/22/17: Adopted!

What happens with a Facebook thread for a shelter dog is stagnant? A so-called “dead thread” can equate to a dead dog…a puppy named “Popeye” is in danger right now … Read More

Photographer’s fostered pups featured in adorable photo shoot

When three newborn puppies were taken in as fosters by photographer Kelly Frankenburg, of 11 Sixteen Photography, they became the subject of some incredibly adorable photos – photos which Kelly hopes will find them … Read More

Show me your oldest, hardest to adopt dog – I want to give him a home

Some people walk into an animal shelter seeking out a lively puppy, while others seek out a stunning purebred dog. Sometimes a mixed breed dog will do, but perhaps only if the dog is young, … Read More

Owner surrendered dog shakes uncontrollably at high kill facility


A terrified, owner-surrendered dog is tearing the heart out of volunteers who are witnessing his terrible fear. The black and white dog, ID#A384699, is so frightened at … Read More

Not again, another dog mistakenly put down at animal shelter

It’s happened again – a lost pet was accidentally put down at an animal shelter. This time, the tragedy took place at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas. According to Tuesday’s ABC 13 Read More

For the first time in 3.5 years, shelter has to make ‘list’ of dogs to put down

For the first time in over three years, an animal shelter in Arkansas has had to create a “list” of unwanted pets to be put down. The sad situation is the result of a huge … Read More

Couple’s dog accidentally put down – shelter blames human error

A couple in Columbia, South Carolina, was heartbroken when they arrived at the  City of Columbia animal shelter to retrieve their dog and discovered that he had been accidentally put down. According to WCNC NewsRead More

Emaciated dog found in city dog pound’s holding ‘shed’

A disturbing situation has been revealed at a dog pound in Jackson, Louisiana. On Wednesday morning, the Humane Society of Louisiana posted photos of the Jackson dog pound’s holding shed, and an emaciated dog who … Read More

Dog with ‘rotten mouth’ found on California freeway

Update 10/27/16: Rescued!

A senior dog, with a mouth full of rotten teeth, was discovered on a freeway in California. The 10-year-old Chiweenie, dubbed “Freeway,” was taken to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter on October … Read More