Owner surrendered dog shakes uncontrollably at high kill facility


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Couple’s dog accidentally put down – shelter blames human error

A couple in Columbia, South Carolina, was heartbroken when they arrived at the  City of Columbia animal shelter to retrieve their dog and discovered that he had been accidentally put down. According to WCNC NewsRead More

In twilight of his life, 15-year-old dog surrendered by family

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No one to claim senior dog left at busy animal control agency

A senior dog is waiting to be saved from a busy, open intake animal control agency in Los Angeles County, California. The 10-year-old dog, named “Isis,” has been at the Lancaster shelter since November 15…in … Read More

Video reveals fear in pair of surrendered dogs

A video, taken on October 16 at the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services facility in Houston, Texas, reveals the fear a pair of dogs is experiencing after their owner surrendered them.

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Saving neglected ‘John Snow’

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At 16, senior dog left at shelter because family said she’s ‘too old’

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‘I died today’ Heartbreaking photo viral on Facebook

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Friendly dog on death row after ailing owner surrendered her

A friendly eight-year-old dog is on death row after she was surrendered to a busy animal control agency in Manhattan, New York. The dog, named “Mia,” (A1091214) is already on the “to be destroyed” list … Read More

This is what happens when someone surrenders their dog

Have you ever stopped to think about the emotional toll that is taken on dogs who are surrendered to shelters? On September 14, Tammy Graves, of the Haley Graves Foundation Inc., captured a poignant photo … Read More