‘I died today’ Heartbreaking photo viral on Facebook

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A heartbreaking photo was posted to Facebook on September 23, and it has proceeded to “go viral” on social media. The image of black trash bags lining a corridor in front of empty kennel runs is accompanied by words which sting with the heartbreak of bitter reality.

The post begins, “I died today. You got tired of me and took me to the shelter. They were overcrowded and I drew an unlucky number. I am in a black plastic bag in a landfill now.” The post, written by Facebook user Michele Boggs, ends, “You didn’t pay attention to me after the first week or so, but I spent all my time waiting for you to love me. I died today. Love, Your Puppy.”

The words between the first and last sentences hit the crux of why many dogs are surrendered…the chewing, the potty accidents and the barking. The “disobedience” from a young dog that did not know better.

Too many people enter into pet ownership with expectations that are far from reality – people who immediately want their cute puppy to be perfectly behaved. The truth of the matter is that puppies will chew and have accidents – if left to their own devices, they will likely bark and get into trouble. Training helps, as does patience – lots and lots of patience.

Is it easy? Not always – but the pay off is huge for those who can get through the difficult times and hold true to the commitment which was made when the puppy was brought into the family.

What can responsible pet owners do to help stop the madness of unnecessary killings? Speak up – let people know that animal control agencies are not shelters. Let them know that pets come with responsibility and if you “give up” you may be sentencing your puppy (cat, kitten, dog) to death because animal control agencies do put unwanted pets down for space constraints, behavior issues and when/if they get sick.

Boggs hit the nail on the head with her final statement:

If you don’t think this really happens….you aren’t living in reality…..they die daily…..thousands…..

Spay, neuter, adopt.

(Photo via Michele Boggs/Facebook)

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22 replies
  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Crying after reading this. And angry. Angry that they killed these dogs, and yet have empty kennels obviously right there. Overcrowding is one thing, but to kill just because they give the dogs a specific number of days – even when ever other kennel at the shelter is empty. All three of my rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds would have ended like this – and while I adopted them, there were others at the same shelters that died. I believe at least a dozen dogs died the day I had my Seiji pulled for me. So many beautiful dogs – so sweet, loving and just wanting a home and family of their own. I honestly think that anyone who dumps a dog or cat at a shelter who ends up being killed should be forced to WATCH the murder first-hand. It might not save the dog or cat in question, but maybe in some cases it would make the owners think twice before dumping another animal. I just wish I could win the lottery and save all the animals from shelters.

    • Mary D says:

      I have three trending walkers, too! All came from the pound. When I adopted my second one, I had to make the terrible choice between her and another walker…I will never forget him because he was almost pure black–unusual for a walker–and his name was Rock. I chose Fruitcake, but even after 11 years, I still think about Rock and hope to God that something good happened for him. It still makes me want to cry…but I couldn’t take them both.

      • Gloria Brown says:

        I too cried because it is so hard to understand the cruelty of owner who get an animal but do not take care of it. I think before someone adopts an animal they should be investigated to be sure that they will not just return the animal, because they get sick and do not want to take the time to take care of them and spend money to help them. Would they do a child like this?
        All of us on this earth are all Gods creatures to take care of one another. I do not have them means to help and I wish I could win the lottery so I could help. I do know that if I saw animal being abused I would step in and do something.

      • ellen cottone says:

        depraved Indifferance of former owners is the sin.
        spaying animals
        is the solution. incarcerated animals must be funded , trained an offered as solution to lonlyness and as medical alert and companion for animals for humans.
        there is no real reason for a kill shelter. its just laziness the first thing we have to fight for is all shelters must be connected nationally and every animal profiled. since planes go everywhere usally half filled, shelters must coordinate with transport . it should be free and prospects adopters must be connected these details are easier to work out then it is to hire kill techs to come into a shelter to kill and bag 50 dogs.
        we can end this .
        its unnecessary.
        why can’t we!?

  2. dlake864 says:

    I cannot understand how anyone would assume a puppy, a dog version of a baby, would come all perfect and trained.
    They are babies. They do not know anything much when they first come into the world. Like any parent of a baby or child, we have to teach them.
    We also need to realize that dogs, like humans, have different personalities.
    And like children and babies, they have need and wants to be met and we, the pet parent, must take care of that. Its our responsibility.

  3. Lauren pilkington says:

    Wtf is wrong with you people. Don’t act like you scummthat out them down don’t have 5 $ to buy them kibble
    And help them each day,@. You don’t know 10 people? You don’t know how to use the internet u till you’re ready to post sick photos like this, BULLSHIT! Fix this now or get sewed by states you don’t even live in. I can have you reported to a wealth of companies. Again, if you can post these photos you murderrd the dogs yourselves.

  4. cynthia seering says:


  5. Mark Martin says:

    This is CAUSED BY BREEDERS: Commercial, Backyard, ‘family pets’ that are allowed to breed indiscriminately. EVERYONE can DEMAND that our GOVERNMENT AGENCIES START PENALIZING PEOPLE for BREEDING AS LONG AS THE SHELTERS ARE FULL and KILLING PETS. This is a SIMPLE ISSUE! People OVERBREEDING specific BREEDS like PITTIES should face extra FEES for having animals that are not SPAYED OR NEUTERED unless they have a waiver stating that their animal IS NOT GOING TO BE BRED. JUST ONE of 600 PITTIES WILL EVER HAVE A FOREVER HOME. Enough, ALREADY. It’s TIME that PEOPLE DEMAND AN END TO THIS.

  6. Holly Chamberlain says:

    I have 3 awesome dogs. I love the Puppy years. It’s up to the owner to puppy secure their place. I love coming home and having them jump on me and licking me. It’s alot of fun. They say hay your back and I’m so Glad to see you. Then to soon they are OLD… AND THEY LEAVE to fast and all I want….is the puppy years back. I LOVE all of my animals. Thank you for LOVING ME BACK.

    • Linda Novak says:

      I agree 100% with you. Nothing is better than coming home and your pets are so excited to see you. They are all worth the sacrifice. It’s true, time passes by so quickly and they leave us too soon. I wouldn’t trade a day, week, month or year with them. Good, bad, ugly, they are worth it and more.

  7. ellen cottone says:

    You were Killed today. Needlessly and with out compassion by a country of humans who are to stupid and too lazy to instill an alternitive. Rejob and rehome abandoned dogs and cats. they are american citizens and deserve rights and benifits and most certianly deserve life and a chance to serve. when will we americans demand an end to the culture of killing useful animals because it is the easy way out for humans to deal with the tradgety, or overpopulation?

  8. Star Shelley says:

    This is so sad and heart breaking. I do not understand why people get dogs then turn around for what ever reason take them to a kill shelter. I am sure these babies were beautiful and healthy. We fail them as human. I hope the people who continue to take their pups to kill shelters have no peace in their heart, mine and soul. RIP to these beloved pups

  9. Debbie holiday says:

    So very heartbreaking that shelters have to be cold a heartless as the a bursers out their u killed all these animals for what i think u should be punished just as anyone else how can u people sleep at nite god will punish u in the worst way rip baby’s

  10. Nora Perez says:

    True, people bring home a puppy expecting them to learn from the first shot…
    It doesn’t work like that. Patience and lots of it is needed…its just about the the same as raising a child…..
    Please don’t give up on them we are their voice, and the love is so unconditional.


    These people in the kennel that killed these dogs are murderers! All shelters need to be no kill, and I hope the owners of these dogs that surrendered them will get nothing but badluck for the rest of their lives! And to all of you at the facility, you all should be euthanized! Instead of sitting on your worthless asses, you should act on your purpose of a shelter…to help and rescue the voiceless! You are all murderers, and somedays you will all get your karma!


    Praying for all these voiceless, and to have an eternal happiness up there with the angels, and no humans that just dissappoint them.

  13. Micele says:

    Shit like this Will continue until society and the American kennel club
    Get serious about pet overpopulation.
    Absolutely no breeding needs to take place whatsoever doesn’t matter what make or model of dog.
    There are millions of dogs that die every year.
    Until every single one of them has a home absolutely no breeding should ever be allowed.
    People use breeding as a form of income what the breeders really need to do is stop being fat and lazy and get a real job.


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