Misunderstood German shepherd that may cost him his life

He’s handsome and his looks could “wow.” Tragically, the misunderstood German shepherd named Jake may not make it out of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control Downey.  Animal Control officers labeled … Read More

Owner broke ribs and fractured puppy’s spine in despicable animal abuse

A Wood County, West Virginia woman is now facing criminal charges relating to the egregious abuse of a seven-week-old puppy now named Trotter (previously named Casper). Tammara Briggs, 28, of Mineral Wells, was arrested on … Read More

3 owners arrested for torturing their Shih Tzu

Three suspects face charges for torturing their Shih Tzu in Clinton Township, Michigan on Monday after their dog was found suffering last week. The severely neglected Shih Tzu, with clumps of matted hair covering her … Read More

Remains of burned dog found in Fresno dumped on side of road

A Madera, California couple were extremely upset after finding the charred remains of a burned dog dumped on the side of the road near railroad tracks. According to AbcNews, Casey and Yvonne Wilson found the … Read More

Update on Pascal: 4-month-old puppy drowned in glue

The four-month-old puppy drowned in glue and dragged through the mud and left to languish in misery along an industrial estate in Istanbul is beginning to recover. According to Nur Rima Yola, the founder of… Read More

ISIS attaching bombs to suicide dogs in Mosul

What may have started out as rumors citing ISIS heartless and ultra-cruel terrorists killing cats for no reason, have now hit an all time low with reports they have garnered 600 suicide dogs and attached … Read More

Exhausted stray pup at Chicago shelter

On November 4, Arlo arrived at the Chicago Animal Care and Control as a stray. Perhaps that was the luckiest situation for this little lost soul who was reportedly so tired that all he wanted … Read More

Peewee’s owners: This is how you left your dog at the shelter

Peewee was an owner surrender at the San Bernardino Animal Control on Thursday. This is the frightened dog’s photo moments after his family walked away. And to Peewee’s owners – this is how you left … Read More

Horrifying video of Chinese man whipping a little dog for refusing to pull cart

A horrifying video was posted November 2nd on China’s popular social media site Weibo capturing the cruel actions of a Chinese man whipping a little dog for refusing to pull him around on a cart. … Read More

5 despicable youths arrested for dragging dog behind motorcycle

In Pune, India, five despicable youths in an ultimate act of depravity, were arrested on Friday after two local residents witnessed the teens attacking a white dog in the nearby village of Sus for no … Read More