Starved dog takes turn for worse and sadly put to sleep

A starved dog who captured the hearts of everyone he met was humanely euthanized to end his suffering on Friday afternoon. The beagle and terrier mix named Duke was found September 26th in Hamilton, Ohio. … Read More

Dog tossed from moving car when he refused to fight

A one-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux may have been done a favor on Friday when a heartless culprit tossed him from a moving car in a rural part of Kershaw County, South Carolina. According to Rescue Read More

Dog discovered with nose and toes cut off being nursed back to health

In a case of shocking animal cruelty in Kansas City, Missouri, a young Boxer, with his nose and toes cut off, is being nursed back to health by local animal rescue group, Midwest Animal ResQ.Read More

With a huge smile, shelter dog waiting to be adopted

With a huge smile like this, shouldn’t adopters be lining up to offer this young dog a home? Let’s hope so, but sharing her adorable photo on social media will hopefully help to find that … Read More

Russian woman arrested for videoing torture of cats and dogs

A Russian woman has been arrested after allegedly posting horrific online videos showing the torture of cats and dogs she “rescued” from animal shelters and from owners who could no longer keep their pets.  According … Read More

Emaciated dogs left to starve after owner abandons them during hurricane

Investigators in Brevard County, Florida are searching for the owners of two emaciated dogs left to starve in a home in Grant Valkaria. According to the Facebook page of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, on … Read More

Heartless man threatened to shoot Boxer barely able to walk if not captured

A four-year-old Boxer, barely able to walk because of a huge, ruptured tumor on his leg, strayed onto a man’s property in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday; the friendly dog posed no threat to anyone. Still … Read More

Sick and urgent: Neglected beagle dumped at Miami shelter

What has happened to Nena should not happen to any dog. The neglected beagle – just seven-years-old, now only has Friday as her deadline or she will be euthanized at the Miami-Dade Animal Services if … Read More

Frightened mother dog cradles newborn puppies at shelter

In Orlando, Florida, a frightened mother dog gave birth to three puppies at the open admissions Orange County Animal Services. What could be more emotional than a mother protecting her babies? Animal advocate, Chris Ferreira … Read More

Loyal dog waits for family after left behind with trash

Ask a dog what it feels like when his family moves away and leaves him behind with the trash? And as if no words are needed here to tell the story, this loyal dog patiently … Read More