UPDATE: Kicked and beaten with sticks by owner, spent year in shelter and finally now can be adopted

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UPDATE: The girl who couldn’t get a break finally got it! Her day has arrived! Princesca has been adopted and will live in luxury in Orange County for the rest of her life. Thank you for your shares and tags. If anyone would like to make a donation to the rescue group who pulled her, their Paypal account is Rags2wagsRescue@gmail.com.

She flew by private jet to Santa Rosa California to live in luxury with her new family. She will never be abused again! Miracles do happen!!

Read her heartbreaking story here:

Five-year-old Princesa waits at the Harbor Animal Shelter in San Pedro, California for a new family. In her past life, she was beaten with sticks and wires by her owner, Pine-Sol had been poured into her eyes to cure an infection and gasoline was poured over her to kill fleas and cure mange. And as if that wasn’t torturous enough dog, the neighbor continuously kicked her and then accused Princesa of biting her.

When Animal Control was notified and arrived at the home, Princesa was picked up by truck and taken to one shelter, then to a second shelter and finally settled into the Harbor Animal Shelter where she has been for the past year.

A woman in the area reached out to help Princesa and told the dog’s tragic story:

“Since she was little (she is around 5 years old) she has been mistreated so badly not only by her owners who beat her with wires and sticks every day, but also by the neighbors who used to kick her. One day, the owners had a confrontation with the neighbors and Princess, like all loyal dogs, jumped to defend the owner, which ended up according to the neighbor bitten (allegedly) by Princess. They called animal control and they picked her up.”

The neighbor reported the alleged bite and the case went to court, thus the reason why the dog has been in isolation for a year. The case was later dismissed.

“Another neighbor who had been Princesa’s protective angel took care of her and whenever she was being mistreated, she jumped forward to protect her. She witnessed when the princesa’s owners put gasoline on her to fight fleas and pinosol in her eyes for eye infection. Can you imagine the pain? Alma *** is the person who contacted me and asked me to post her to attract attention to save her. She believes that she is resting in the shelter from all the beatings and mistreatment she received.”

And as the story winds down after all this time, Princesa has been released from isolation since there has not been any evidence brought forward that the dog hurt anyone.

 “She is available now for public adoption (that means she is a good girl and she doesn’t represent any danger for anybody) and for rescues as well BUT she CAN’T live in the city of Los Angeles.. so let’s share her to find her forever home or a rescue that wants to give her a chance of life!”

Princesa is calm and has not had any issues with the dogs in other kennels. Attendants caring for the 60-pound dog describe her as a friendly German shepherd with white hair on her face and muzzle. There is no information how she behaves with children or cats.

This girl is ready to find a home and will surely wants to bring her toys.

Check out her brief video here: (copy and paste url into your browser to view)
Video #2:
Contact information:
(888) 452-7381

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  1. Claire Vinet says:

    This is for Cheryl Hanna, the author of this story beaten with sticks and wires. I tried to find out whatever happened to Princesa, A1446933 at the Harbor Animal Shelter. I put her number into the search box for this shelter and it says no such number is found. That probably means she was adopted or put done. Do you know what became of her? Thank, Claire Vinet


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