Starving and frail wallaby found in Long Island garage

In East Rockaway, Long Island, a starving wallaby was found inside of a cold garage on Tuesday, after the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received a tip. The exotic animal, who is native to Australia and New Guinea, had been locked inside of a trailer in a cold garage and seemingly abandoned.

According to CbsLocalNews, the animal, a cousin of the kangaroo, was immediately transferred to the Mineola Animal Hospital where it was determined he is an adult male extremely malnourished and in very poor health. He weighed less than half of the 40-pounds an animal of his breed and physical structure should weigh.

“He was pretty tame, he’s incredibly hungry so he’s gnawing on anything that gets in his path,” Dr. David Kolins stated, explaining the animal had no muscle mass and had been caged like a dog.

Officers from the Nassau County Society for the Preventiion of Cruelty to Animals stated the wallaby had been living a tortured life, and when rescued on Tuesday he had no food or water and had been living in a cage full of  his own feces and urine.

The home is owned by Larry Wallach, who claims to be an expert on exotic animals. Wallach was not in the home Tuesday and could not be reached for comment. It is not known if Wallach has been in the hospital for an extended period of time, but neighbors say he has not been seen for several weeks. Exotic animals are not permitted in the Town of Hemstead. An investigation is now underway.

(Photo of wallaby screenshot via AbcNews.)

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