Baby wallaby missing from Detroit Zoo may have been plucked away by owl or hawk

In Royal Oak, Michigan, the five-month-old wallaby missing from the Detroit Zoo has not been found. According to the zoo’s Facebook page, and the latest update, there has not been any indications that the joey … Read More

Disturbing video shared on social media shows teen girl forcing quokka to smoke e-cigarette

A video recently shared on social media has gone viral, but for none of the positive reasons. This particular disturbing video shows a teenage girl apparently forcing a quokka to smoke an e-cigarette on West … Read More

Devastating photos arise as Australia’s bush fires threaten animal extinction

Devastating photos of injured and dead animals have emerged on social media as catastrophic fires continue to ravage 12.35 million acres of Australian bush. Several threatened species are expected to face extinction. The flames have … Read More

Starving and frail wallaby found in Long Island garage

In East Rockaway, Long Island, a starving wallaby was found inside of a cold garage on Tuesday, after the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received a tip. The exotic animal, … Read More