Teens tied rope to rabbit’s leg throwing it in water as sick torture

A defenseless little rabbit in Limerick, Ireland was tortured by teens who were seen tying a rope to the rabbit’s leg and throwing it repeatedly in the water before ordering their dog to attack.

According to Limerick Animal Welfare, the innocent rabbit endured “horrific” cruelty and the youths continued to torture it until a passerby witnessed the disturbing behavior and ordered the kids to turn the male rabbit over to her.  The Good Samaritan brought the rabbit to the sanctuary located in Kilfinane where the animal is currently being helped.

“This poor little rabbit was subjected to the most horrific cruelty and incredibly survived. A group of youths had tied a rope to the rabbit and were throwing the rabbit into the river and getting their dogs to go into the river after the rabbit. The youths then pulled the rabbit out of the water and proceeded with the cruelty throwing it back in again and again. A lady who witnessed this shocking behaviour demanded the rabbit from them and brought it to Limerick Animal Welfare.”

A spokesperson for the sanctuary told the Limerick Leader, rabbits are still often mistreated, and they are commonly tied by their legs and used to teach greyhounds to chase them for racing purposes. Sadly, some teens are compelled to act in inhumane acts involving small animals because of peer pressure. Isn’t it time parents taught their children respect for all animals? There is never an excuse for animal cruelty.

(Photo of teen tied rope to rabbit’s leg via Facebook)

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Rabbit found on roof and no one knows how it got there

Officials from the RSPCA have no idea how a rabbit found on the roof of a house in Liverpool late last week got there. The adorable, white bunny was spotted by a pedestrian walking around the neighborhood.rabbit-on-roof2

According to YahooNews, the fire department assisted staff of the RSPCA rescuing the little guy, but everyone continues to scratch their head wondering how the bunny, dubbed Lily, got there in the first place. Of the two plausible theories – Matt Brown, an officer from the RSPCA offered his thoughts:

“…the rabbit has been picked up by a bird from the garden and dropped on the roof, or that someone had thrown her up there. We got her to a vet and thankfully she had no injuries. However, we were still confused about how she got up there as it is incredibly unlikely she’d have been able to have hopped up herself.”

Staff went door to door in the neighborhood to find out where Lily belonged, and soon came across her owner who lives near to where the bunny was found. The latch gate to Lily’s hatch had been opened, seemingly to suggest someone came in and stole her and propped her up on the roof as a sick prank. Although it is doubtful the mystery of the rabbit on the roof will ever be solved, Lily is doing find and relaxing in the safety of her hutch.

(Rabbit found on roof photos courtesy of RSPCA)

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