Teens tied rope to rabbit’s leg throwing it in water as sick torture

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A defenseless little rabbit in Limerick, Ireland was tortured by teens who were seen tying a rope to the rabbit’s leg and throwing it repeatedly in the water before ordering their dog to attack.

According to Limerick Animal Welfare, the innocent rabbit endured “horrific” cruelty and the youths continued to torture it until a passerby witnessed the disturbing behavior and ordered the kids to turn the male rabbit over to her.  The Good Samaritan brought the rabbit to the sanctuary located in Kilfinane where the animal is currently being helped.

“This poor little rabbit was subjected to the most horrific cruelty and incredibly survived. A group of youths had tied a rope to the rabbit and were throwing the rabbit into the river and getting their dogs to go into the river after the rabbit. The youths then pulled the rabbit out of the water and proceeded with the cruelty throwing it back in again and again. A lady who witnessed this shocking behaviour demanded the rabbit from them and brought it to Limerick Animal Welfare.”

A spokesperson for the sanctuary told the Limerick Leader, rabbits are still often mistreated, and they are commonly tied by their legs and used to teach greyhounds to chase them for racing purposes. Sadly, some teens are compelled to act in inhumane acts involving small animals because of peer pressure. Isn’t it time parents taught their children respect for all animals? There is never an excuse for animal cruelty.

(Photo of teen tied rope to rabbit’s leg via Facebook)

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15 replies
  1. Helen says:

    Tie the brats’ legs and threw them in the river to give these rat rugs the experience of being tortured, and maybe they’ll learn to respect living animals. Their parents are surely not doing a good job!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    These miserable punks need a huge lesson taught to them – the post says nothing about whether they were caught, arrested or are facing any charges – there are some who should have been aborted instead of birthed – and these useless subhuman brats are a prime example. They should all be sitting in a jail cell at the mercy of some predatory inmates who can use them as they please. Don’t care how young they are – they are already ruined and deserve no mercy.

  3. jeanette says:

    what the hell is wrong with kids. don’t the parents teach them respect for all living creatures?
    please don’t give me the reason that they didn’t know what they were doing to that poor rabbit.

  4. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Yes if more parents were prosecuted for the crimes their kids did eventually parents would start teaching their kids right from wrong instead of just letting their kids grow up willy nilly without teaching. “letting them find themselves” teaches them nothing! The good samaritan should have gotten their names.

  5. paula c alabrese says:

    i would love to take these kids and give them the same treatment this rabbit endowed fro them God Bless this woman a good samaritan who rescued the rabbit timing was perfect she should have gotten names i hope she does so animal control can nailed them both to the wall and have the book thrown at them i don’t care there’s no excuse for animal abuse of any kind shape or form, this is really sick bazarr these psychopaths need to be comitted behind bars again there’sNO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE.

  6. paula c alabrese says:

    the parents should also be prosecuted thius what they teach their kids how to be abusers . my God how sick,, the book should be thrown at the parent s and the kids who committed this sick act. they should Never Ever be allowed to own any animals in the future!!!!!!!

  7. paula c alabrese says:

    the parents and their kids i hope they get the same treatment because Karma is areal Bitch. the criminal system is fucked up to begin with i hope they don’t get away with any of this. they knew exactly what they were doing. they have No mind or conscious the parents are just as heartless. This is where it all comes from the abuse, These snot nose kids abuse their kids and teach them to torture and abuse animals. what I call Real Sick


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