Heartless and cruel culprit shot tiny marsh rabbit with metal dart in the face

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In Parkland, Florida, a cruel and heartless jerk shot a yellow metal dart into the face of a tiny rabbit. Misty Rice-Baniewicz, a local resident and animal lover, spotted the metal dart and asked neighbors to help her capture the rabbit with a net in order to get it some veterinarian attention.

The rabbit was able to be netted, and the dart was removed at the South Florida Wildlife Center; his prognosis promising. Now authorities want to know who is responsible for this despicable case of animal cruelty. The arrow penetrated one side of his face to the other side, and he had been living with the metal object for weeks with people seeing the rabbit, but mistaking the yellow dart for a flower.

“Thank you again to everyone that was involved to help this rabbit! Luckily he was released back into the wild today.”

South Florida Wildlife Center

Check out the video of “Marsh” being released:


Detective Robert Rutkowski, with Broward County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations, in investigating the case. Unfortunately there have been reports of another rabbit in the area in the same neighborhood struck with a dart, but did not survive.

If you have any information, please contact robertrutkowki@sheriff.org referencing case # 17-2109-000555 in subject line.

(Photo via Misty Rice-Baniewicz FB)

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