Five people charged with using baby fox cubs to train hunting hounds

In an investigation that has been ongoing since 2016, five people have been charged with animal cruelty after undercover video showed baby fox cubs brought into a kennel of hunting hounds in Herefordshire, England. The video also shows a man dumping a dead fox cub in a trash container.

According to the BBCNews, footage secretly videoed at the South Herefordshire Hunt by the animal welfare organization, Hunt Investigation Team showed what has been called the “true face of hunting.” In the video, the sounds of howling and barking from the shed could be heard. Shortly after, a man could be seen carrying a dead fox cub. The anti-hunting supporters believe the men in the kennels raising the hunting dogs were training the dogs to see foxes as prey and using the cubs as practice. A few of the foxes were reported to have been rescued.

Three men and two women ranging in ages from 29 to 54 are expected to face multiple charges of animal cruelty. The five people are scheduled to appear in court on May 15.

“Cases of animal cruelty are treated very seriously by West Mercia Police and we actively seek to protect animals from cruelty and to prevent their suffering,”  stated Detective Inspector Jonathan Roberts.

Animal cruelty investigators were relieved to finally see action.

“Hunt Investigation Team”
“We have had to fight for this all the way.

It has taken the police two years to produce these charges and there will be much more on that to come.”

(Photo of shed where fox cubs were abused via Hunt Investigation Team)

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‘Monster foxes’ barely able to move being bred in cruel fur farms

It’s happening in western Finland, and it’s disgusting, cruel and downright inhumane. “Monster foxes” – so given that name because of their sizes, are being bred in Ostrobothnia. Videos from five different farms show the animals with rolls of fat barely able to move. And why is this happening? They are all being bred for the fur industry – some of those are coats, hats, gloves and hood trim perhaps worn by the flashy Kardashian women and other clueless celebrities as well as their tiny children.

According to the Daily Mail, the animal advocacy group, Oikeutta eläimille (Animal Justice) said in the wild a female fox averages seven-and-a-half pounds. During the investigation, one female fox in the production farm was found weighing over 42 pounds. The animals are being genetically altered to be huge – the rolls of fat over their faces cover their eyes and they are so obese, the animals barely recognizable as foxes can hardly move.

Claire Bass, executive director of the Humane Society International/UK, condemned the despicable practice:

 “Just when you thought the fur industry couldn’t get any more unethical, it hits a shocking new low with foxes bred so large that these poor beautiful creatures can hardly move, or in some cases even see. It is proof, if further proof were needed, that the fur industry is about profit and cares nothing for animal welfare. Consumers will be rightly shocked and disturbed by these hideous images, which underline yet again the need to turn our backs on fur for good.”

Oikeutta eläimille said the skins of the “monster foxes” in their investigation are sold under the Saga Furs brand and are purchased by luxury boutiques such as Louise Vuitton, Gucci and Michael Kors. Respect for Animals states  Finland is the biggest ‘producer’ of fox fur in Europe and only China farms produce more foxes globally. Over 1.8 million foxes were killed for their fur in 2014 in Finland.

It is illegal in Finland to breed livestock in a way that they suffer, yet the government seems to be overlooking the poor conditions, their bent feet and legs from the weight and the animals barely able to move. How is that not animal cruelty?

 “Animal welfare problems must be taken seriously. What does the government intend to do to improve things?,” posted the group on their Facebook page soon after the disturbing photos were released to the world.

(Videos and photos of “monster foxes”  via Oikeutta eläimille Facebook)

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Check out the video:


Fox suffered excruciating death after killed by pack of hounds

A disturbing event is reported to have occurred at the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt in Harelaw, Scotland where a fox suffered an excruciating death after it was killed by a pack of dogs at a hunting event. According to BBCNews, Charities OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports, contend the fox had endured a torturous, slow death.

When the dead fox was found on the estate, it’s body was sent out for a necropsy to determine the exact cause of its death. The vet findings stated:

“The fox had suffered severe trauma consistent with that caused by a dog or dogs.”

Scotland imposed a ban on hunting with dogs in 2002 after animal advocates convinced government officials that the practice was unnecessary and brought about long-lasting psychological trauma for animals. According to the law, dogs can only be used to bring foxes out of their underground dens and into the open, but dogs are not allowed to kill it. Unfortunately, activists claim the brutal sport still continues:

“The level of trauma experienced by the fox prior to its death and the manner in which it died is completely unacceptable,” stated Charities One Kind director, Harry Huyton. “The pathology report highlights a catalog of gruesome injuries leaving no doubt to the extent to which this animal suffered.”

The hunt’s organizers refuted the findings and insist the fox had been shot, however the necropsy also revealed, although the fox has a hole in its chest from a pellet gun, the shots missed its vital organs – and still the defenseless animal had to suffer with dogs biting and chewing. The Countryside Alliance states the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Foxhounds operate under a “strict protocol” in accordance with the law, and they have a great relationship with Police Scotland.

A new review on fox hunting is expected to be announced in the near future.

(Photo of fox suffered via BBC News screenshot of video)

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