UPDATE on hunt rider videoed kicking and punching her horse after it ran off the road

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A video shared on Twitter over the weekend, showed a woman kicking and slapping her horse after the animal ran into the road. The incident took place during the Cottensmore Hunt – a foxhound pack based in Rutland, county in the East Midlands of England.

The video was posted by an anti-hunting group Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs who asked the RSPCA to investigate the alleged animal cruelty.

According to the Metro, Sarah Moulds, 37, a primary school teacher from Leicestershire, has been said to have gone into hiding after receiving online abuse and death threats with a friend stating Moulds is currently in fear of her life. Moulds was videoed during the fox hunt. She has since been suspended from teaching pending a formal investigation into the incident.

“We will always look into complaints made to us about animal welfare. We would urge anyone with first-hand information about this incident to contact us.”

RSPCA statement

The Leicestershire Police are assisting the RSPCA in the investigation.

Video posted on Twitter can be viewed here or here:


Keep The Ban@Keeptheban Today footage was released of an individual from the Cottesmore Hunt kicking and hitting one of their horses. This is how so-called “trail hunts” treat their animals. Whether it be horses or hounds they’re abused…”


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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    GOOD! She is getting EXACTLY what SHE deserves. What would happen if a CHILD in her classroom acted up? I guess she’d promptly deliver slaps to the face, while kicking THEM in the genitals. At least this country has people who behave like a TRUE HUMAN being ought to and know how to DEAL with demon spawned thugs immediately rendering the response THEY deserve. Their vile acts displayed in public are often MILD compared to what they do behind closed doors, and THAT IS A FACT proven thousands, if not millions of times.


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