12-year-old neglected poodle: No one came to find her

Poor little Betty – a 12-year-old neglected poodle, found as a stray in heartbreaking condition; her once beautiful apricot and tan coat in a mass of tangles and her face in pure disarray and filth. … Read More

Broken spirit: Dog won’t look at anyone after lifetime of abuse

What can be done to help a dog with a truly broken spirit? Buffy is a young female, brindle Mastiff who is scared to death. She barks aggressively at anyone who approaches her; her entire … Read More

Blind dog and his seeing-eye friend heartlessly dumped at high kill shelter

One doesn’t have to be rich to love and care for their dogs. Sadly, it’s very difficult to comprehend how two bonded senior dogs could be surrendered to the high kill San Bernardino Shelter in … Read More

With a huge smile, shelter dog waiting to be adopted

With a huge smile like this, shouldn’t adopters be lining up to offer this young dog a home? Let’s hope so, but sharing her adorable photo on social media will hopefully help to find that … Read More

Goliath, gentle giant at high kill shelter

Update: Rescued!

A picture paints a thousand words and the photo of Goliath, a seven year old Pit Bull/English Bulldog at the Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles, California says it all. With his head … Read More

Loyal dog waits for family after left behind with trash

Ask a dog what it feels like when his family moves away and leaves him behind with the trash? And as if no words are needed here to tell the story, this loyal dog patiently … Read More

Slated to die on euth’ list NYC, rescue steps in at last moment

She’s a shy girl who lost most of her coat  from mange and neglect. In a busy, open admissions shelter in San Antonio, Texas, what were “Donna’s” chances of being adopted? After all, how many … Read More

Breed specific prejudice creates hardships everywhere

We have all heard of and have been angered over the recent decision in Montreal to ban all Pit Bulls because of breed specific prejudice.  It has become a worldwide epidemic and is happening right … Read More

Florida rescue saves 73 Great Danes abandoned by owner

In Freeport, Florida, the Alaqua Animal Refuge took custody of 73 Great Danes from an alleged puppy mill operation after the owners could no longer care for the dogs.alaqua-animal-refuge-2

According to the organization’s Facebook page, … Read More

Left to fend for himself: 14-year-old Pom’s days are numbered

What must tiny Bailey be thinking? Picked  up as a stray on October 15 and brought to the Riverside Animal Shelter in California, the 14-year-old Pom’s days are numbered if he is not rescued this … Read More