28 golden retrievers rescued following animal cruelty probe

In Groveland, Massachusetts, 28 golden retrievers rescued from an animal cruelty investigation have arrived at Sweet Paws Rescue. The breeder of the dogs facing four counts of felony animal cruelty was ordered to surrender 28 … Read More

Army veteran smashed window to save puppy in hot vehicle

A man in Norfolk, Virginia spotted a dog trapped inside of a hot vehicle and smashed out the window to save him. Outdoor temperatures on Tuesday soared to over 80 degrees.

According to  KoloTv, Jason … Read More

Heartbreaking: Dog hit in face and left in gutter didn’t make it

For days, a young dog had been left dying in the gutter on the side of a street. The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation had been contacted by a student in the area who reached … Read More

Video captures couple abandon 5 Chihuahuas along side of road

In Colorado City, Texas, a video surveillance camera caught a man and a woman abandon 5 Chihuahuas in three small cages on Friday night.

According to KtxsNews, Colorado City’s Pets Needing Parents Animal Rescue … Read More

Couple divorcing charged with letting their dog starve

In Franklin, Indiana, a couple divorcing have been charged with letting their dog starve. Michael and Amanda Setser each face one count of animal cruelty.

According to WibcNews, the dog named Chuck died in January … Read More

Just three-months-old and tiny Paul has only known suffering

In southern Texas, a three-month-old puppy has only known suffering. Barely able to walk, extremely emaciated and covered in mange, the tiny dog struggled to survive. And on Friday,  local animal control officers picked him … Read More

Someone wrapped dog in gauze and then threw him into dumpster

In Oklahoma City, someone wrapped a dog in gauze and then threw him into a dumpster. Fortunately for the terrified pooch, Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue was there to help.



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House of horrors: 40 small dogs rescued from filth and vermin

In South Texas, the living conditions of more than 40 small dogs became a matter of life or death. They lived in a house of horrors – a living hell. On Monday, Rescue Dogs Rock Read More

Tiny dog survives after his head got stuck in moving car’s grill

A four-pound dog survived getting hit by a car and then getting his head stuck in the moving car’s grill on Monday near Tampa, Florida. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office stated the tiny dog had … Read More

Update: Argento the emaciated blind dog abandoned on dirt road

Near McAllen, Texas, in an area where families struggle to survive, an emaciated, blind dog painfully wandered along a lonely, dirt road scrounging to survive. As starvation closed in on him, he stumbled and whimpered; … Read More