No one came to save Matilda: Dumped and nearly forgotten

Matilda knows she has been forgotten by her family. Even those with commitments to adopt this eight-year-old English bulldog a second time, have not come to the shelter to meet her. And on November 28, … Read More

Meet Joseph: Used by a breeder and then dumped on the streets

Meet Joseph; he was used by a breeder, and when he was of no value to sire more puppies to be sold at pet stores, he was dumped on the streets of Texas.

“I’ve been

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Najya was starving as most families were being thankful

In Lorain County, Ohio, the heartbreaking photos of a starving dog, dubbed Najya, came into Fido’s Companion Rescue Inc as most families were preparing for their Thanksgiving Day feasts.

“While we were all gathering with

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One-pound puppy Rico continues to make strides in recovery

Remember tiny one-pound puppy Rico who had been surrendered to a South Carolina emergency veterinarian after someone stepped on him at the end of October? At the time, six-week-old Rico was given a 50/50 chance … Read More

Update on Rosaleen: Neglected senior found by deceased owner’s side

Ten-year-old Rosaleen has been neglected for a long time, and when her owner died, the faithful dog stayed at the side of her deceased owner. She was brought to the Carson Animal Care Center, and … Read More

Camp Fire evacuees at Walmart parking lot ordered to leave with their pets

By Sunday, hundreds of Camp Fire evacuees, with their few belongings and mementos, their children and their pets will be forced to leave the Walmart parking lot at Chico. The portable bathrooms will be removed, … Read More

Update: Dog with embedded collar saved by the thump of wagging tail

A stray dog, with a deeply embedded collar was finally captured on Wednesday; it was the thump of her wagging tail that helped the animal control officer pinpoint her location. Suffering in excruciating pain, the … Read More

Love a senior dog in ‘Seniors for Seniors Foster Program’

Ask Kelly Reeves, president and co-founder of Paw Prints in the Sand about a senior dog. Sure, puppies are adorable and they melt our hearts, but there’s so much to love about a senior dog;  … Read More

Update on emaciated Willow found starving at vacant house

On Sunday, an emaciated pit bull now named Willow was discovered under a New Orleans house by the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue. Willow was dying.

Moments after Willow was rescued, the … Read More

More heartbreak in Texas: Wally lost his leg and lived on the streets

A disturbing case of  animal cruelty and heartbreak in Texas was discovered on Sunday, when Wally was found scrounging for food on the streets. What made the stray dog’s case even more egregious – someone … Read More