Elliott update: Surrendered dog who ate do-rag and sock stuck in his stomach

A surrendered dog that had eaten a do-rag and a sock – both of which became stuck in his stomach, survived surgery this past weekend after having been sick for nearly two weeks. His owner … Read More

Crippled dog barely able to stay alive on harsh streets of Texas has been rescued

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Ohio man arrested for drowning and freezing 10-month-old puppy to death

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Rearview mirror image of what heartless owners see when they dump their dog on the road

In a heartbreaking reminder of the cruelty involved when heartless owners decide to dump their dogs, Villalobos Rescue Center, posted a photo of a dog chasing his owner’s car after having been abandoned on a … Read More

Surrendered dog that ate a do-rag and sock stuck in his stomach survives surgery

A surrendered dog that had eaten a do-rag and a sock – both of which became stuck in his stomach, survived surgery this weekend after having been sick for more than a week. His owner … Read More

Clarksville woman arrested after authorities find 2 dogs severely emaciated

In Clarksville, Tennessee, police responded to a report concerning a puppy who was so emaciated that his ribs and hips were showing. In addition the puppy was panting heavily with white foam around his mouth.… Read More

Shelter resident diva husky ‘Kira’ practicing her howl while waiting for a home

Nine-year-old Kira is definitely one of the favorites at the County of Los Angeles – Agoura Animal Care Center and is patiently waiting for a new home while she practices her howl. On Friday, Kira … Read More

Owner kicked tiny dog out of house hoping she would be eaten by a coyote

In the Redlands area of California, a rescue warrior for cats who frequents the canyons to feed the unwanted, shared an emergency situation with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue. In an area known as being … Read More

Mother dog and her 5 newborn puppies dumped in deserted field to die slow deaths

Another heartless owner in Texas decided having their dog spayed would be too expensive and time consuming; having to take her to a veterinarian, and instead couldn’t be bothered by the consequences of their inaction. … Read More

Emaciated dog found abandoned near service center still trusting and kind

The Wichita Animal Action League received a report from a concerned citizen on Wednesday about an emaciated dog all alone inside of a fenced garden near a community service center. His leash and collar had … Read More