Puppy seriously injured after deliberate throw from balcony

A puppy was seriously injured after being deliberately thrown from a balcony in Kansas City, Missouri. On Monday, KC Pet Project, which has taken the injured pup, named “Max,” under its wing, updated Facebook … Read More

2 abandoned dogs in a cage found shoved behind bushes

In Hartford, Connecticut a heartless owner shoved two Chihuahua dogs into a cage with no food or water and abandoned the helpless pooches behind some bushes, reports  NbcNews.Hartford abandoned dogs

The dogs were discovered by Gilbert Rivera … Read More

2 dogs attacked with caustic chemicals in their own backyards

“A word of caution” has been issued to all dog owners in Cobh, in County Cork, Ireland; warning dog owners of vicious attacks on their dogs in their own private backyards, reports the Independent.Cobh cover

On … Read More

Good Samaritans rescue 2 poodle puppies from hot car in Michigan mall

In a video posted on Facebook showing a crowd of people at a shopping mall in Taylor, Michigan, Good Samaritans and security personnel came to the rescue of two tiny puppies left locked in a … Read More

Puppy starved and put through hell as ‘bait dog’ now ready to be adopted

At 10-months-old, it was difficult for anyone to imagine what kind of torture Turk had endured in such a short life. When found wandering through the parking lot at Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness in Tulsa, … Read More

4-week-old puppy purchased off of Craigslist and then dumped because he was too much work

When an adorable four-week-old puppy, since dubbed Little Bear, was sold to a family via Craigslist and had to be bottle fed because he still belonged in the care of his mother, his new owner … Read More

Dog dumped at shelter with tumor larger than her head

UPDATE: Lorna’s operation was a success. Interested in meeting this great little gal?Loma the Chih after her operation Contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Here’s her post op photo on the left.

One can only shake their head in pure disgust … Read More

2 comfort dogs along with 5 people shot in random Missouri shootings

In Joplin, Missouri five people and two comfort dogs were the victims of an apparent random shooting on Saturday morning as they traveled in two vehicles, reports the Joplin Globe.comfort dog 1 shot

Tom S. Mourning II, 26 … Read More

Dog left to die after cruel owner tied pooch to rock in rising river

A man riding his bicycle near the river Vrbas in northwestern Bosnia, in the city of Banja Luka, heard the plaintive cries of a tiny dog calling for help, reports the Sunday Express.Shivering dog left tied in river cover

Sasha Makivec … Read More

Dying dog found wrapped in carpet in pile of garbage

A dying dog was found wrapped in carpet, near a pile of garbage, on Friday on a mountainside in South Wales, reported Sunday’s publication of the Telegraph. The ailing dog, a long-haired white German shepherd, … Read More