Family’s pet pig survived devastating fire in Gatlinburg

When wildfires forced the family of Rob Holmes to evacuate from their Servier County home on Monday, they were forced to leave everything behind. How the family’s pet pig survived the devastating fire in Gatlinburg is truly a miracle.

According to Rob’s Facebook page, their entire home and everything on the property was burned to the ground.charles-the-pig-2

“There’s nothing left. When I say nothing, it’s just ashes, but there is some good news. Charles is still there,” Rob posted on social media.

On Tuesday the family received a phone call that their pet pig had survived. Charles had burrowed himself into the mud.

 “…So we lost everything materialistic but we had what was most important.OUR LIVES.!! We still could not get to what use to be our home cuz the spur was still closed. I didn’t care we got in through Booger Town. when I arrived this morning I couldn’t believe my eyes Charles had burrowed in the mud to survive. The Lord let us keep Charles how else could he survived 800 degree +temperatures. The alloy rims were melted off the car. I grabbed a piece today(in photos) Well now that I had him I heard the Sevier county fairgrounds were helping care for farm animals So we brought Charles there,” Rob posted.

charles-the-pig-3It was Rob’s daughter Andrea who asked for the pig three years ago as a Christmas present. The two are obviously quite bonded. He is now being treated at the University of Tennessee Veterinary School and has been reported to be suffering from respiratory distress from smoke inhalation. According to WbirNews, animals being treated, who were affected by the fire, can be helped by clicking here.

(Photos of Gatlinburg fire and Charlie via Facebook of Rob Holmes) Get well soon Charles. You are one amazing pig, but we all know how smart pigs are!

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