Dog breeder stuffs 8 newborn puppies into freezer to kill them

An award winning Border Collie breeder stuffed eight newborn puppies into a freezer to kill them after she said a veterinarian refused to euthanize the pups because they were healthy.  The dog breeder, Margaret Peacock, from Farnborough, Hampshire, United Kingdom, feared the puppies had genetic defects because their parents were brother and sister.

According to the Daily Mail,  another puppy was beaten to death using a can opener. Peacock, 63, called the veterinarians twice threatening she would kill the puppies herself if they wouldn’t help her. The same day, Peacock made her third call and told the receptionist at the vet office she had stuffed the newborn puppies into the freezer. The following day, Peacock brought all the puppies to the vet’s office in a bag; one of the puppies was still alive, but had to be humanely euthanized. Margaret Peacock

At the Basingstoke Magistrate’s Court, Prosecutor Andrew Austin told the judge that none of the puppies showed any signs of having genetic defects in spite of having been inbred:

“The defendant had a number of dogs, one of which – a blue merle Border Collie – fell pregnant by her own brother. After the bitch went into labor the defendant contacted her vet to request that the puppies be put down. She confirmed to the vet that none of the puppies had any obvious defects. When an appointment could only be offered the following day, the defendant told her ‘I will kill them myself.’ In a third call, made later the same day, the defendant told the vet ‘by the way, they have been in the freezer ten minutes now and they are not dead yet.'”

Mr. Austin then confirmed Peacock brought the dead puppies to the vet the following day. The RSPCA inspected her home and found the body of the other puppy who had suffered a violent blow to his head.

Peacock’s defense attorney told the court her client had been very upset with the dog giving birth and felt the only solution would be to kill the puppies before the mother dog became attached to them. Her attorney, Fiona Taylor admitted her client realized what she did was not right and that she was sorry.

Peacock pleaded guilty to three charges of animal cruelty which included failing to prevent unnecessary suffering to an animal. Magistrate Dr. Susan Dadlani sentenced the defendant to two concurrent 12 week jail terms – suspended for one year. Peacock suffers from multiple sclerosis and uses crutches to walk. She will not be banned from breeding dogs because of her past good record. She was also ordered to pay $1,000 in fines, court costs and victim surcharge to the RSPCA. Animal advocates were outraged and besides deserving to be jailed have expressed their shock Peacock will still be allowed to breed dogs in the future.

(Photo of newborn puppies by RSPCA and Solent News screenshot)

What do you think of the magistrate’s decision?