Dog breeder stuffs 8 newborn puppies into freezer to kill them

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An award winning Border Collie breeder stuffed eight newborn puppies into a freezer to kill them after she said a veterinarian refused to euthanize the pups because they were healthy.  The dog breeder, Margaret Peacock, from Farnborough, Hampshire, United Kingdom, feared the puppies had genetic defects because their parents were brother and sister.

According to the Daily Mail,  another puppy was beaten to death using a can opener. Peacock, 63, called the veterinarians twice threatening she would kill the puppies herself if they wouldn’t help her. The same day, Peacock made her third call and told the receptionist at the vet office she had stuffed the newborn puppies into the freezer. The following day, Peacock brought all the puppies to the vet’s office in a bag; one of the puppies was still alive, but had to be humanely euthanized. Margaret Peacock

At the Basingstoke Magistrate’s Court, Prosecutor Andrew Austin told the judge that none of the puppies showed any signs of having genetic defects in spite of having been inbred:

“The defendant had a number of dogs, one of which – a blue merle Border Collie – fell pregnant by her own brother. After the bitch went into labor the defendant contacted her vet to request that the puppies be put down. She confirmed to the vet that none of the puppies had any obvious defects. When an appointment could only be offered the following day, the defendant told her ‘I will kill them myself.’ In a third call, made later the same day, the defendant told the vet ‘by the way, they have been in the freezer ten minutes now and they are not dead yet.'”

Mr. Austin then confirmed Peacock brought the dead puppies to the vet the following day. The RSPCA inspected her home and found the body of the other puppy who had suffered a violent blow to his head.

Peacock’s defense attorney told the court her client had been very upset with the dog giving birth and felt the only solution would be to kill the puppies before the mother dog became attached to them. Her attorney, Fiona Taylor admitted her client realized what she did was not right and that she was sorry.

Peacock pleaded guilty to three charges of animal cruelty which included failing to prevent unnecessary suffering to an animal. Magistrate Dr. Susan Dadlani sentenced the defendant to two concurrent 12 week jail terms – suspended for one year. Peacock suffers from multiple sclerosis and uses crutches to walk. She will not be banned from breeding dogs because of her past good record. She was also ordered to pay $1,000 in fines, court costs and victim surcharge to the RSPCA. Animal advocates were outraged and besides deserving to be jailed have expressed their shock Peacock will still be allowed to breed dogs in the future.

(Photo of newborn puppies by RSPCA and Solent News screenshot)

What do you think of the magistrate’s decision?

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  1. This sickens me. If this woman is not capable of keeping dogs from inbreeding once, what makes the courts believe that she will not let it happen again!!!! If the breeder is ill and can’t take care of dogs properly, she shouldn’t be allowed to breed!! How much suffering did those puppies go through and she showed no mercy! Shame on the vet for not taking precautionary matters to prevent the dogs from this ending. RIP puppies.

    • This judge needs a head exam. She is not stable to this unstable breeder who should not breed dogs. To kill puppies in a freezer is torture and to kill a dog with a can opener is total animal abuse. She should serve time and no more breeding. They are both evil.

      • The vet is just as guilty as she is. She called three times in one day to tell them what she would do. Obviously he felt it was not his problem. Shame on him. He deserves as much jail time as she does. Unfortunately, neither of them will get what they deserve.

      • This is the most sickening situation. What is absolutely wrong with Magistrate Susan Dalani’s Judgement in allowing this deranged woman to ever ever be around any dog again. All Doggie’s are meant to be LOVED not destroyed by very SICK humans.

      • Hello ..r people insane..this woman should be charged crininalky ..she tortured and killed these innocent pups. She should go to jail ..or better yet kill her by freezer..she should seve time for each puppy she tortured abd killed .How would she like to b froze to death…She and the judge sgould be locked in a freezer and throw away the key

  2. That woman needs to have her dogs taken away. She is very confused and could hurt more innocent animals. And I’m not believing that she’s sorry. I’ve got a terrible feeling if the same situation happened in the future she would do the exact same thing. BTW, why didn’t the vet suggest that she take the puppies to a shelter or humane society or even take the pups herself and take them there?? The woman told her she was going to kill them

  3. someone should freeze dat no heart bitch , She should rot in her chair , She gave those puppys a death sentence. she will strike again . nut job , looney crazy , gone

    • Great point! They could have at least taken the puppies to a rescue group where volunteers would have been happy to hand feed and care for them, or to have found a nursing mother dog who might have been able to care for them until weaning. This story has made me physically ill and makes me wish there were a comet screaming toward earth which would end forever the suffering far too many humans and animals are forced to endure.

  4. YES she is a sorry ass twit back yard breeder at her finest DON’T LET THIS POS have animals of any kind she knew it was wrong she isn’t sorry and IF she was so worried she wouldn’t have let them together while female was in heat OR THEY ALL WOULD BE SPAY/NEUTER she didnt get into any trouble wow dumb ass judge hope you get it back 10x loser….. and big deal the bitch has MS hope it kills her

  5. I would make a point to track this b**** down and beat her until she she is dead with her crutches if I lived in the UK

  6. Peacock is a psychopath! The “magistrate” who gave her a suspended sentence and allows her to continue her control over helpless canines is an inept idiot who needs to be kicked out of her profession. Obviously, Susan Dedlani doesn’t see much wrong with bludgeoning a tiny puppy to death and freezing his siblings alive. To a normal person, these crimes are vile, unfathomable and deserve an appropriate punishment. NO MORE DOGS FOR THE PERPETRATOR!!!!!

  7. What do I think of the magistrates decision?! The magistrate is a flaming idiot!! She should have been charged and never allowed to be around animals again. What she did is horrific and she did it on purpose. The only reason she said she is sorry is because she wanted to get out of trouble and she succeeded. She is evil!

    • I felt so mean to think that. I’d never wish it on ANYONE , but I could care less when it’s an evil p.o.s like this. She should NEVER own an animal again. This was a disgusting act. When she threatened to kill the puppies, someone should have been sent to her house. Or maybe the vet bluff her to get her in an help the dogs. Another p.o.s that seems to have been born out of the fiery pits of hell.

  8. You have GOT to be kidding me. She should have a lifetime ban from not only breeding but owning dogs. This is disgusting behavior by someone that obviously doesn’t know what they are doing and has serious mental issues to even THINK putting puppies in an freezer to kill them was ok. What a horrible human being.

  9. This person should be sitting in a jail and definitely not allowed to keep any more animals, how is this cruelty going to stop with stupid sentences like this,that was an absolute waste of money and people’s time bloody disgusting, God help the poor animals that she has in her supposedly care, what a Bitch.

  10. The magistrate is just as guilty for allowing that murderer to continue to handle animals. The system is so twisted when it comes to justice especially animal rights. What a shame. Therefore animal abusers will continue a d get worse. Way to go judges!

  11. I think it sucks the big one, she should be jailed twelve years (approx.) YOL span per puppy,AND banned from EVER having ANY contact with any kind of animal, then let GOD deal with her soul accordingly!????????????????????

    • What is she going to do with new born puppies now then because people wont be going there to buy puppies from her not after seeing this, RSPCA should be allowed to take all animals away from her property and if she is as bad as she makes out she should be admitted to a home obviously she is not capable of looking after the poor dogs properly the place should have been inspected, obviously she has no love for animals or she would not have done this to these beautiful gods babies, i just hope if she still have dogs they are not dying of hunger or being treated cruelly getting back at them for what she did and not being able to sell any more puppies, god help the adult dogs that are penned up supposedly in her care.

  12. I’m appalled that she will be allowed to continue to breed dogs. What she did was beyond cruel, and the judge only gave her a slap on the wrist. It’s sad that there is such a low value is placed on a living, breathing precious life.

  13. Ban this crazy bitch from breeding animals. What kind of a court system would still allow someone as cruel as this to still HAVE an animal? Worst case of animal cruelty I’ve heard of. Never mind the disease she has, this woman is a nut and knows how to intimidate. Wacko!

  14. I still think she should have to stop breeding 4yrs or all together no breeding. do to, i think dogs get overwelm with so many breedings and some breeders just dont take care of them in a loving care …this breeder just showed mistakes being made….

  15. this woman should not be allowed to keep any animal or breed from them she should be in prison the law is to soft on these nasty people.

  16. That vile piece of SH** should never be allowed to breed another dog nor even have another dog in her home! I don’t give a damn if she has MS, she should be locked up for YEARS for this!!!!! She could EASILY have taken those puppies to a shelter after they were weaned where they would NOT have reproduced if they had genetic problems, but the greedy bitch decided to murder them instead because money is all she cares about. She belongs in jail, and I hope she rots in HELL after she leaves this earth.

  17. Margret Peacock – This nasty old cnt should have ALL those animals taken away – she desperately needs to be euthanized since SHE is genetically defective.

  18. Put this bitch in a freezer and let HER freeze to death. These sweet little puppies did not deserve this, nor does ANY animal deserve abuse from SO CALLED HUMAN BEINGS.

  19. The crazy bitch should not be allowed to breed any more dogs and profit from them. She should be banned from owning dogs.

  20. Someone please explain to my WHY this heartless bitch is allowed to own any dogs let alone breed them? So she has MS. Should we stick her in the freezer or bash her on the head with a can opener because she has defects? She had no right to do this to these innocent, PERFECT puppies. No right at all. The puppies belonged to their mother. This bullshit about dogs being property has got to stop. For an island of supposed animal lovers, Britain’s animal cruelty laws are a joke. This woman should have served time in jail. She should also have had all of her animals confiscated – spayed and neutered – and given to someone who actually loves them. Those puppies did not deserve this. They did not deserve to die and they suffered a cruel heartless death for this woman’s arrogance and greed. And might I advise the vet the next time an arrogant cold-hearted bitch calls and asks him to euthanize puppies who are perfectly healthy – just take the puppies and tell her you will handle it and then find someone to bottle raise them and find them homes. I worked for a vet who had a breeder as a client. She brought in a female poodle who was ill. The dog had pyometria. Spaying her would save her life. The breeder demanded we put her down as she was “no use to me spayed.” The vet took the dog and told her he would put her down. After this bitch left, we spayed the dog and found her a home with a sweet little old lady who had just lost her 18 year old poodle. I hope this woman suffers a long and painful death because she certainly delivered one to these puppies.

    • We in the U.K. are just as shocked. It’s beyond fucking disgraceful. Dog lovers and others are furious about the magistrates decision. I agree with yours and every post I’ve read in this thread thus far…It’s shameful. I love dogs, a friend of mine breeds dogs and another shows dogs, none of us can believe the court ruling. The woman has M.S. so that alone makes her unfit to care for dogs, then to torture them the death makes it clear she is not just physically ill but mentally ill also. Words cannot express how I feel right now.

    • I agree, especially with what you said about the vet. How on earth could any decent vet have basically allowed this vile old witch to kill those puppies herself. She phoned them up twice in one day to say she would kill the puppies herself if they didn’t help her. They should at the very least immediately have contacted a rescue organization, such as the RSPCA, to ask them to intervene if they themselves wouldn’t stop her from doing that, or they could have told the witch to bring the puppies in, with the claim that they would euthanize them, and then once they had the puppies at their practice they could have contacted the RSPCA or another rescue organization. I actually think the vet’s practice is just as culpable in this awful situation and should also be prosecuted for failing to take action to save the puppies. It’s just sickening.

  21. WTF!?
    Are you friggen kidding me!
    That fat cow is allowed to continue to breed dogs?!!
    Wtf is wrong with you ppl!?
    Stop breeding fuking dogs already and ban that fat cow from OWNING and BREEDING!!!

  22. Delete the 1st one I dont care, I have nothing kind to say about this cow, to allow her to continue to breed dogs because she’s”good”, really?
    This is “good”?
    They should be embarrassed!
    There is absolutely NOTHING”good” about this or that heartless cow…nothing!

  23. The owner should not be allowed to breed dogs ever again and she should have to serve jail time at least a year for each puppy she abused and killed. She should also be banned from ever owning dogs or any animal ever again! The court was so wrong, she should be punished. A vet could have taken the animals and just not told her they were still alive. She is breeding just for money, she definitely does not love or care for those sweet dogs!

  24. I hope she gets what she deserves. Which is the eternal lack of oxygen. If you can kill puppies–really–what is worse?!?! You are capable of anything. There is NO DEFENSE for her actions.

  25. She should get 12 weeks for each puppy. She new what she was going to do was wrong but thought she would try to make the vet feel bad for them not killing the pups..she should also loose all her dogs and never be allowed another animal again..

  26. Have they lost their minds? This thing allowed brother and sister to mate because obviously she didn’t keep them apart while the female was in heat! Then the female gives birth to healthy puppies! This psychopath calls her vet to have the puppies killed for no reason! Told she had to wait until the next day she puts them in the freezer and calls the vet to tell him after 10 minutes they are still alive! The other puppy she kills by bashing it with a can opener! Now the real kick in the head the judge is allowing her to keep the dogs and continue breeding dogs! So the judge is a doofus who has no idea what the fuck is abuse and murder of puppies is! The breeder is a sociopath who is hallucinating! She sees problems where there are none! I think this judge and this lunatic should have a child! We will have a new Jack the Ripper!

  27. Not enough jail time nor a big enough fine she should never owned any animals again minimum she should’ve gotten five years

  28. Really you evil bitch! What is wrong with this horrible piece of shit that breeds,animals. Also why did the vet. Not keep them when this idiot took them to the office if she threatened to kill them. I believe these babies could have been safe. I hope this evil woman freezes her ass somewhere, no peace lady for you in your heart, mind and soul. May you have nightmares for the rest of your life.

  29. Not banned?!!! She should be banned. Her actions are heinous and vile. She is a vile subhuman. She should never be allowed to be around any animals of any kind. What she did was beyond WRONG!!! Those poor puppies suffered. If she had been a responsible breeder, then the dog would not have gotten pregnant. If she had not been a greedy bitch, she would have had her female spayed.

  30. Stay on her like flies on poop. If sge continues to breed dogs. Make it unprofitable till she creases
    . I hate puppy mills

  31. This bitch should not be allowed to breed any more dogs, should have all of her dogs removed from her care, fined $100,000 and a minimum 5 years in jail nothing less this is crap these judges don’t understand when people can do this they are sick soulesse rotten to hell monsters!!! DO NOT LET HER OFF…and her illness is no freaking excuse!

  32. the same thing happened to my Papillons about 15 years ago. I kept brother and sister separated for 3 weeks, but when I let out the sister, boy her brother was right there. she had 5 gorgous pups, which I almost gave away to good homes and with papers saying no breeding must be spayed or neutered. the folks that got the pups kept in touch with me, and to this day all the pups have great homes with no defects. that female should be put away and never own or breed any animals at all.

  33. Put her in the freezer…. and allowed to breed again. Nah. Hit her on the head with a BIG CAN OPENER. Selfish money hungry bitch.

  34. iam outraged, I gladly put her in the freezer too, her sickness is no exuse, I would take this judge and take her off the bar, let that one find a job were it has not such a dire consequence to the life of another lifeform, the vet should have taken the pubs and looked aftr them they are guilty too! what bloody laws allow such weak penalties!

  35. Shes needs more than 12 weeks in there n shud b band from breeding or owning any pets in the future even a gold fish n the judge as seriously got a few screws lose saying shes a fab breeder hows that wen shes killing the puppies she needs t b put in the freezer n killed just like she did the puppies fkn retard she is absolutely disgusting evil bitch words can not say she needs putting down instead of them pups even the judge shud join her fkn moran 12 weeks she will do the same over n over again ???? RIP puppies

  36. Sorry, but, I can’t help myself from making this comment………what a FUCKING SICK C*NT! As for the judge what a stupid BITCH!

  37. And thanks to this judge animal abusers have won another round. people say we need stronger laws, we don’t need stronger laws only stronger judges. Judges who are willing to stand up and say this is unacceptable and you will pay for what you have done.

  38. Breeders look at animals as commodity stuff. Maharashtra govt.has passed a law recently to keep pet shops and breeders under their vigil. This kind of toughness is needed all over the world.

  39. She should suffer the same fate as those defenseless puppies and she should be banned from breeding or owning dogs for life! Her sentence is a joke, she should rot in prison for this heartless act!

  40. The irony though…She should give herself a good whack to the head and hobble her defective self into the freezer to suffer until she dies. The vet, judge, and system failed.

  41. Both the Magistrate and the woman should be killed. What evil POS both the breeder and the so-called law. I wish them both a violent and painful death, just like those innocent puppies.

  42. Before the mom got attached? She’s a nutcase! Mom Was attached before pups were born! How dare they allow this woman who kills inncent babies and put a new mother
    through this to keep breeding pups! If she wasn’t a puppy mill the brother would not have had the opportunity to breed his sister!

  43. Digusting , why the laws are not strong , what did the poor puppies do that they had to die for no good reason ,Humans are created to protect the speechless animals.#RIPPuppies#

  44. I think what she did was despicable.I think breeding ground pups for profit is despicable..I think too that if the vet didn’t phone the police and RSPCA as soon as she told him the pups were in the freezer, is despicable too and needs to answer some question around that.Like all these things there is always neglect of action.Shocking story and one that doesn’t get any better for the thousands of Dogs in breeders hands…..

  45. Disgusting. She should not be allowed to keep animals let alone breed them!!!! I think the judge was wrong in this instance and the punishment should have been much harsher.

  46. This woman is a selfish monster , No normal person could make newborn babies suffer like this , and the poor mother too, Anyone who breeds another creature for profit with no compassion and love involved should not be allowed to keep any animal….and this bitch has gone way beyond that. She needs to be punished, she is not God to say who lives and who dies, who is perfect and who is not . She needs putting in the freezer as she is far from being an acceptable human

  47. This woman one should be in jail for violent animal abuse and at least 12 weeks per puppy she froze and an additional 12 weeks at least for the one she beat to death. She shouldn’t be able to have a breeders license anymore. People shouldn’t go to her and buy any puppies ever. Plus there’s a lot of dogs that have puppies with the sister . If you don’t want it don’t let them be together. Plus sounds to me she didn’t want to take care of the puppies. Lady you are a cruel person and glad I lu e no where you do!

  48. Magistrate should be sacked. This bitch is still allowed to breed and keep the animals she has. She is an ill woman, certainly mentally. She has m/s, but no sympathy – sorry! I hope karma makes her suffer badly.

  49. Don’t worry bitch your time is coming you have MS you deserve it you’re fucking time is coming I hope you fucking suffer in the end

  50. She shouldn’t be allowed to breed. How much suffering did those puppies go through. She showed no mercy and shame on the vet for not taking precautionary matters to prevent the dogs from this ending.
    This woman should be in jail for violent animal abuse.

  51. She shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs or any other animal! I hope her dogs where taken from her! And she got a Stiff fine for hurting those puppies!

  52. The sentence should’ve been a lot worse. There were 8 puppies, so 8 counts at least, a larger fine, jail time and in what world would she be considered good at breeding? If inbreeding happened once it’s going to happen again. Does she look capable of keeping it from happening?

  53. Horrific. Outrageous that the magistrate has allowed her to continue breeding anything! She is sick in the head as well as her physical illness. A slap on the wrist for purposely allowing puppies to freeze to death while beating another to death. The magistrate is just as sick in the head as the woman. Disgusting.

  54. the woman who killed the puppies and this ass hole so called judge should BOTH suffer the same fate as these poor little puppies!!!!!!

  55. That makes me sick to my stomach. She is a sick person and should absolutely not be able to breed animals or own an animal for that matter.

  56. And the authorities will still let her keep her dogs!?!?!? WTF!! This lady is mentally sick now, no matter how “good” she ever could have been in the past. Do Not let her kill in a cruel manner any more pups!!!

    There needs to be a petition- don’t let her breed anymore “dead” dogs!

  57. The judge should have banned her from owning any more animals. What a disgrace – they did nothing to her.

  58. First of all that Magistrate should be removed immediately. This woman should be in jail and certainly should not be able to breed let alone own another animal ever. She’s making a profit off of the dogs that she’s breeding and if she’s that coldhearted and that despicable that she could do what she did to these puppies, you know she’s not taking care of the dogs she owns now and it’s a sure thing she’s abusing them. This is nothing but animal abuse and no one with any kind of heart could ever do anything this evil and twisted that this woman did and most people would never think of doing it. She obviously has severe mental problems. God only knows the atrocities that she’s done to other dogs in the past for that matter what she’s doing right now. All animal abuse should be felonies with required lengthy jail time and hefty financial fines and certainly The perpetrators of these disgusting despicable crimes/actions against animals should be prrminatelybbarted from ever owning and/or having any animal in their home ever again..

    • It is sickening to allow that woman to breed more dogs. She will definately kill helpless puppies again. The vet should of called the humane socity to come and get those puppies away, and all the dogs that woman has and put that woman away for the rest of her life. The judge also should be put away along with the vet for not doing anything to help those poor puppies.

  59. What do you expect from a greeder? Animal lovers rescue, only idiots buy from low life breeders who are only in it for the money. Every dog or cat bred is one more dog or cat in a shelter who will not find a home and will eventually be killed. Greeders like the creature in this article are scum.

  60. are we to feel sorry for her because she has MS . Did she feel sorry for those puppies as they whimpered in the freezer as they slowly froze to death ? Why didn’t the vet take the puppies in knowing she threatened to kill them? That whole thing is all messed up and the judge is a horses behind to put it nicely . The woman should be in jail . Killers start off by harming animals who to say she wouldn’t do this to a child. The UK has to get its priorities straight JAIL and NO BREEDING would be close to justice .

  61. This is just a really sick story, made even sicker, by this woman pretty much just getting what amounts to a mere slap on the wrist for such a horrific act of cruelty on innocent animals both the babies AND the mother. Her reputation as “an award winning Border Collie Breeder” should be tarnished forever now and I hope no one would even contemplate, for a second, to ever buy a puppy from such an evil breeder.

  62. Because I also have border collies, I became acquainted with this person in the pre-FB days when everyone was in an internet group. Although everyone is up in arms about this despicable deed done by a despicable person, my prediction is that she is going to waltz away, just like she has in the past. She is manipulative, self-serving and an attention whore. She might have MS, but I’ll take a chance and say those crutches are for show – for now. A bigger problem than her MS is her mental state. She’s a danger to herself and others, not to mention the innocent beings in her “care”. The KC won’t ban her until she’s sentenced in court, and from all I’ve read, she just got a “no no” waggle of the finger in court and was sent on her merry way. My gut feeling is that they are as corrupt as she is. This latest however, has drawn international attention, and she will play the victim to the hilt. Maybe with enough pressure, something meaningful might actually be done – but I have my doubts.

  63. This dog killer is a cruel,brutal and despicable dog abuser!! HOW CAN ANYONE DO THIS TO TINY PUPPIES???? She should NEVER EVER be allowed any contact with animals PERIOD!! She can apologize all she wants,it takes a certain kind of EVIL to kill tiny newborn puppies!! She is nothing more than a piece of shit with NO SOUL,MORALS OR ETHICS!!! She will have to answer to God one day and I hope she gets NO MERCY,just like she have those tiny puppies!! AND OF COURSE SHE GOT NO PUBISHMENT LIKE ALL ANIMAL ABUSERS AND ANIMAL KILLERS! I don’t know why courts waste time charging these cruel animal abusers,they are never,ever appropriate punished! Maybe if they were an asshole like her would think twice before inflicting torture on animals! This story makes me sick and I will be praying that karma deals her some pain and misery,she certainly has earned it! PUPPY KILLING PIECE OF TRASH!!!!!!

  64. That’s just a slap on the wrist. This POS should NEVER be allowed to own a dog never mind breed them….And she needs to serve time IN JAIL . Karma…We need you to visit this POS…Do your worst

  65. Shame.on the vet for not stepping up sooner and saving these innocent puppies. Now the judge leaves the momma dog in this monsters care to be bred again and again

  66. The bitch said she was going to kill the puppies if the vet didn’t do anything why didn’t the Vet do something about it did he think she was joking so the vet is to blame also.This POS isn’t upset about this and this is all she had received from the judge. Let me put this scum out of her misery and put her ugly ass in the freezer. Just looking at the photo makes me sick and I hope she rots and dies for what she did. Who is to say this is the first time she did this. I wish I can deal with this bastard another rotten scum animal abusers. Disgusting creep and the vet and judge are just as bad. No wonder I love animals over humans.

  67. So sad, I think the vets is as bad as her, they knew the situation why didn’t they take further action knowing this evil woman intended to kill these puppies, I hope she rots…slowly

  68. This is PURE BULL!! This evil witch should be banned from ever owning ANY LIVING THING EVER AGAIN and she should be thrown in jail for years!! This sentence is slap on the wrist. Justice was not won for all of those puppies she KILLED!

  69. Note the evil old boot resorted to using the crutches in court to gain sympathy for” her terrible ordeal” – the sort of sympathy she failed to show 8 little lives. She would have gotten away with it were it not for the fact that after the vet refused to euth the pups she went back there after and TOLD them what she had done – obviously they reported the old slag to the authorities and rightly so.

    British justice (what a joke therin) triumphed again though in letting the old witch off because of “her previous good character” – what about her character NOW where she murdered 8 little pups?? She ought to be slung out of the Kennel Club too 🙁

  70. This evil old witch is from a very affluent part of the UK (Hampshire) where property prices are some of the highest in the whole country. I wonder how much that influenced the Judge’s decision to not sentence her for her horrific animal abuse and murder? If she lived in some crappy, low income area maybe the outcome would have been very different. Also, of course, as we can all see from her (ugly) photo, she resorted to using crutches at her Court hearing(s), no doubt to wring as much sympathy out of the (apparently very gullible and stupid) judge. She should be thrown in prison for what she’s done and kicked out of the Kennel Club. This case highlights, yet again, why disgusting, money grabbing, inhumane breeders like her should not be given any business. Animal lovers should always adopt, not shop.

  71. It’s bad enough that she wanted to kill them, but intolerable that she tortured them by letting them freeze to death (and one lived through that hell!). A person who claims to be a breeder who cannot prevent inbreeding, and, most importantly, carries out torture on dogs, is not only a disreputable breeder, but also a person who should be sanctioned by the Kennel Club. She should be delisted from the Kennel Club as a breeder, and she should no longer be allowed to register her litters. By doing that, she will no longer be able to make money. That is the way to stop this beast. Don’t buy her pups. Don’t allow her to be listed with the Kennel Club, and don’t allow her to register any more of her pedigree litters. This is one case we know about – who knows how many times she has tortured dogs in the past. Certainly, if she has done this, she is capable of doing more in the future. I find the court’s decision reprehensible – so it is the public’s responsibility to take measures to prevent her from having any breeding business at all, to prevent further opportunities for her to torture the dogs under her care. I call upon the Kennel Club and the public to exclude her from the breeding business. Likewise, the Humane Society, or similar group, should seek to have the dogs she does have now removed from her care.

    • HEAR! HEAR! the people in that United Kingdom Village REALLY NEED to STAND UP and DO their part to get her stopped from owning animals at all…. and the JUDGE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM THE BENCH!!!

  72. What a horrible bitch!!!! Judge is an idiot. She will do it again! I would smash her in the head and stuff her stupid ass

    in the freezer, and after ten minutes ask her how she was feeling and slave the door!!!!!

  73. Un-f**king-believable! Why did this breeder have to kill these puppies? Couldn’t she have given them away or taken them to a shelter, to give them a chance at finding a loving family? The older I get, the more I think human beings must be a faulty prototype created by a god who realized what a dangerous mistake we were and tossed us all in the rubbish bin.

  74. Don’t give her the excuse of being mentally sick, she knew what she was doing! And just how many other times did she do this? And I’m curious, what did the judge get out of this? I find this absolutely horrible, what is next, children? Don’t be fooled, anyone who could harm an innocent animal, wouldn’t think twice in harming innocent children!! I don’t understand the reasoning of this judge, how can one let go of a person who has harmed anything or anyone in ANYWAY!! And to know she is raising them, however, the judge decided, God will take care of things in the end, I firmly believe!!

  75. This evil woman needs to die. Period. NO EXCUSE EVER for torturing and killing innocent animals! This is why most people HATE animal breeders!!!!!

  76. Dang, people are really angry over this. I don’t blame them, it was a horrible, terrible crime. I’d like to say though, that I’ve taken care of a parent with MS for almost 12 years now. If this woman’s type of MS is progressive, she’s going to have a very unhappy life. If not, it’s still an awful disease to have because it’s nuerological. It can take away your vision and do a lot of crap to you.
    That said, freezing those puppies deserves much more than a slap on the wrist and sick or not, she deserves jail time anyway. Like others said, the vet sucks too for not stepping in and is just as guilty.

  77. Hard to believe this woman is a breeder and has never heard of/used Alizin, a mismate drug, for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies in bitches! Her behavior is indicative of one who is inexperienced and who has no business breeding dogs! RIP sweet pups, I am sorry for your suffering.

  78. This woman is a violent psychopath and needs to be in prison which is merciful in comparison how she killed those puppies and dogs! Whoever handed down this decision should be relieved of all their duties permanently! This gives everyone who suffers from MS a bad name!

  79. Are you fucking kidding me, she only gets 2 fucking 12 week sentences and she’s still allowed to breed? This fucking sociopath deserves to be fucking locked up in a fucking cell for the rest of her damn life and then frozen to death at the end of it. And eye for an eye bitch, words of wisdom.

  80. Death wish to this fat ugly POS pocked faced bitch.I am so glad that this POS has MS.I wish her a slow and agonising death and I hope her MS increases in its severity immediately.As for the judge, this crepe is an incompetent POS and needs to have its employment terminated.

  81. I hope that lazy white trash dies soon fir killing innocent puppies. I hope she gets rape so hard in jail and brutally burst up with HIV/AIDS do she can suffer her KARMA!


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