UPDATE: After months on streets Layla’s incredibly tough struggle to survive are over

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Layla had been roaming the streets of Houston as a stray for a very long time. People tried to capture her to help, but she was terrified of humans. After months of scavenging on the streets and from the looks of her, barely surviving, she was spotted with a foreign object stuck around her head.

The object was identified as a piece of fiberglass that had become embedded into her neck. Because of the impending infection looming around her neck, there was no time to spare to save her life.

Later that day, Layla was safely tranquilized by animal control officers from BARC.

It was at the same time that the local rescue organization, ThisIsHouston stepped in to help Layla receive the medical attention she desperately needed. The fiberglass had been embedded into her neck, and surgery was required to remove it and repair the damage.

When the tranquilizing medication wore off, Layla had become extremely aggressive. Up to that point, no one knew anything about her history; that is where she had been, who had raised her or even who had mistreated her. When she first arrived at the emergency veterinarian hospital, she couldn’t be assessed because she tried to bite; her adrenaline had kicked in, and she was determined to protect herself – even though she had no idea who was either friend or foe.

Finally able to be medicated and sedated, the surgery to repair the deep wounds in her neck was successful. Since then Layla has been resting, recuperating and decompressing.

We were hoping she would make a change by the following morning, and thankfully she did. She hasn’t shown any more aggression since but she’s still absolutely terrified of humans, she is peeing out of fear, not making eye contact, and hiding. It’s not her fault that she’d been on her own for far too long and nobody was there to keep her safe and healthy.

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She has since been discharged from the emergency veterinarian hospital, and is now adjusting in her foster home now. The biggest challenge with Layla will be her behavior. But fortunately foster parents are committed to her and everyone is hopeful she can become a normal pup with time and lots of love.

Layla’s care so far is just over $7,000. Any help is greatly appreciated and all donations are tax deductible.

We will update again soon.

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