Grubhub driver meets love pup: Delivery driver adopts ‘furever’ friend

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Talk about a special delivery! Jihoo, a spunky pup with a wagging tail and a heart of gold, found his “furever” home thanks to a chance encounter with a kind-hearted Grubhub driver named Alan. It was love at first sight, not between humans ordering lunch, but between a man and his soon-to-be best friend.

According to the shelter, on February 8, Alan, on his usual delivery route, pulled up to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in Lorton, Virginia to drop off a lunch order with his five-year-old daughter, Sabrina. He had only planned to spend a few minutes at the shelter to drop off the food.

Well, need we say more except to say, Alan Moncayo, the single dad, spotted one particular dog just staring at him, and that canine pooch reminded him of his dog Rusty – who had been his dog when he was a child but who had run away from hom.

There, peering through the kennel bars with soulful brown eyes, was Jihoo. Their connection was instant.

He just kept staring at me, tail thumping against the floor,There was something about him, you know? Like we were meant to meet.”

Alan Moncayo

Intrigued, he inquired about Jihoo’s story. The shelter staff explained the playful pup had been waiting for his perfect match for more than 240 days after having been surrendered by his owner. His past family could no longer care for Jihoo even though they told the shelter they loved him very much. Sadly, big dogs have more trouble finding homes, and at 65 pounds, Jihoo just waited.

That’s when the wheels started turning; maybe Jihoo wasn’t just waiting for a home, maybe he was waiting for Alan.

After his deliveries were complete, Alan returned to the shelter, not with food, but with a leash and a hopeful heart. Jihoo, a six-year-old pit bull blend, greeted him with the same unbridled enthusiasm, showering him with slobbery kisses and excited barks. It was clear – this was a match made in doggy heaven.

The shelter had been hosting an Adoption Bowl event; after all it had been Super Bowl weekend, and adoption fees for dogs over 45 pounds had been waived.

The adoption process included paperwork and a session with the shelter staff, and soon, Jihoo was riding shotgun in Mark’s car, his tongue lolling out the window as they cruised towards their new life together. Mark’s apartment, once a bachelor pad, was instantly transformed into a haven for playtime and belly rubs.

Jihoo’s adoption is a heartwarming reminder that love can be found in the most unexpected places. It’s a story that goes beyond a delicious meal – it’s about opening your heart and finding a furry friend who will make every day an adventure. So, the next time you order delivery, remember – you might just be delivering happiness to a dog (and their human) in need!

And what are Jihoo’s favorite things? Well, besides instantly falling in love with Sabrina, he loves belly rubs, kissing faces and chasing balls. This extraordinary dog has filled the emptiness and brought lots of love to complete his new family.

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(Photos via FB Fairfax County Animal Shelter)

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