Woman accused of beating her service dog with glass bottle arrested

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A woman accused of kicking and beating her service dog with a glass bottle near Boston Common on Tuesday night has been arrested on animal cruelty and assault charges on a police officer.

According to Boston25News, Jasmine Velasquez, 26, was seen and heard by police officers beating and then kicking a dog near Tremont Street. Officers quickly responded and separated the dog from the woman as there was broken glass and “unknown liquid on the ground.”

Velasquez was arraigned on Wednesday morning in Boston Municipal Court. The prosecutor told the court the alleged incident had been captured on a nearby street camera.

They [officers] were able to see ms. Velaquez hit the dog with an open right hand one time, hit the dog with a glass bottle 11 times and kick the dog three times. The dog was screaming when officers arrived.

Prosecutor via 25 News

Witnesses told officers they had seen the woman strike the collie mix other times and that she had also punched and kicked him.

Velasquez is the mother of a 4-month-old infant who is currently in DCF custody. She cried in court and told the judge she is recovering from a broken leg bone and is wobbly on her feet which is why she has a service dog.

Prosecutors requested the defendant be held on $1,500 cash bail and that she stay away from witnesses and have no animals in her care or custody.

Animal Control officers have taken custody of the dog. The injuries to the dog are unknown.

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  1. This cruelty makes me furious!!! I am waiting to get a service dog and it might take 2 years of training. My service dog will be treated as treasure that s/he is. I would NEVER hurt him/her. This behavior is disgusting and this pos needs to be locked up for a very long time!!’

  2. This pos has a reserved spot in the hottest part of Hell where she will burn forever for her cruelty……

    btw: I had 10 breaks in both my legs from a bad fall. I had surgery to piece one of my legs’ bones back together. I was in a wheelchair at first, and then “graduated” to a walker……. No one ever suggested a service dog (who would have been very helpful)……


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