UPDATE: Matthew Perry’s dog Alfred will remain with ex-fiancée

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On October 28, Friends‘ star Matthew Perry tragically died at the age of 54. Perry was never married nor did he have any children. Three years prior to his death, Matthew had announced he had adopted a golden doodle mix named Alfred, who frequently appeared on Matthew’s Instagram account, however despite rumors about Friends costar Lisa Kudrow adopting the dog, it has since been confirmed that Alfred is owned by his ex-fiancée Molly Hurwitz.

According to People, a source confirmed he did not own a dog at the time of his death. When the engaged couple split, Alfred went to Molly. And since the couple have been apart, Alfred has appeared many times on Molly’s Instagram account.


Alfred is three. He is very annoyig a lot of the time, but he is truly the most loving potato. He entered my life during some dark depression, and he helped get me far away from that. He is also cute as all fu**. Cheers to you, Alfredo #adoptdontshop.

Molly on Instagram

A photo of Alfred and Molly had been shared on her Instagram account earlier this fall as the two lunched together at IHOP.

Hurwitz shared a lengthy heartbreaking post telling her followers Perry had a “more profound impact” on her adult life than anyone else.

The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived at Perry’s home on Saturday afternoon. More details have since been released, stating that Perry had been found underwater and not breathing. It had been a bystander who had “repositioned the victim where the head was out of water. Firefighters pulled the victim out of the jacuzzi and did a quick medical assessment to find he was deceased.”

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Fate stepped in?

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