Tiny chihuahua left in carrier hanging from Oklahoma’s shelter front door

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In Oklahoma City, the staff at the Oklahoma Humane Society discovered a tiny dog left in a carrier hanging from their front doors on Saturday morning.

According to the non-profit animal rescue organization, it is not known who left the dog or how long he had been left hanging on the door.

OKC Animal Welfare is currently closed due to an outbreak of Canine Influenza, and the OK Humane is currently doing everything possible to help, but this organization is foster-based and do not have facilities to house animals. Dogs that are currently available for adoption are waiting for their new homes with their fosters.

One of the biggest problems is and has been a lack of foster homes. That’s where the community can do to help. OK Humane covers food and medical treatment for the animals in their program. Being a foster costs you nothing but your time.

If you can open your home to a pet in need, you can help save more lives. Please sign up to foster at the link https://tinyurl.com/467dzh6c

The Chihuahua is reported to be doing well.

(Photos via OK HS and Roshelle Anderson)

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Sleepy bunny.
Mom watching her precious baby.

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