Shelter pup rescued her owner who fell into a ditch just weeks after dog adopted

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Five weeks ago, an adorable shelter pup named Ruby was adopted through the Dogs Trust in Salisbury by Peter Bradley and his partner Debbie Akers. Who would have thought that Ruby would become a hero?

According to People and the Dogs Trust Salisbury, Peter and Ruby had been out for a walk in Bovington last month when Peter collapsed and fell into an eight-foot deep ditch in an isolated wooded area. No doubt, Ruby instantly became a hero, because she stayed with her favorite human and barked – trying to get the attention of anyone walking or hiking in the area.

Ruby just wouldn’t stop running around in circles and trying her best to attract attention by barking as loud as she could. When Peter awoke, his boot were full of water, and he didn’t have the strength to climb out of the ditch. Fortunately, Ruby’s own barking alarm worked; someone nearby heard the dog barking and went over to her to see what was going on.

If Ruby had not barked as she did, I could have been there for an awfully long time without anyone knowing I was missing.


The kind stranger who had responded to Ruby’s barking helped Bradley get out of the ditch, and even though the man’s medical heart trouble and low blood pressure resulted in him fainting repeatedly, Ruby never left his side.

Paramedics arrived and treated Peter. Meanwhile, it wasn’t long before Ruby became the hero and the German shepherd, Labrador retriever blend, became recognized for her loyalty and bravery.

And when speaking to the Dogs Trust, the staff just loved hearing about one of the dogs from there – and how she became a hero. Is there ever any doubt that a dog is man’s best friend?

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