Shelter dog returned just 3 hours after adopted finds forever home with social media help

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Meet Bronco; the Catahoula leopard dog, entered the Humane Society of Tulsa back in June after an extensive FBI investigation landed the dog in the shelter while his custody case played out in court. Bronco had lived his life on a chain, and when rescued had no access to food or water. He was found with 13 other dogs and more than two dozen chickens during a homicide investigation.

The animals had all been neglected; a warrant was issued to take possession of the dogs. Bronco’s past living conditions affected his behavior, and he would need a patient and experienced person to help him achieve success.

In October, the shelter was finally able to list Bronco for adoption, and his original adopter took him home on October 21. And so it was thought that Bronco would be living his best life – finally!

And that was what everyone at the Humane Society of Tulsa thought; that is until barely three hours later, Bronco was returned to the shelter.

Today Bronco was adopted by the most amazing man! He took Bronco home and unfortunately his existing dog was not welcoming to him. With the heaviest heart he brought Bronco back to the Adoption Center a few hours later.


And there he was again; it was almost as if Bronco had given up hope, but not the rescue organization. Social media came to the rescue; his photo and story had been posted for everyone to read, and nearly 900 readers shared the dog’s plight.

BRONCO IS HEADED HOME. Thanks to YOU, Bronco’s post was shared over 900 times! All the way to NEBRASKA!


Finally, Bronco was headed to his new home in Nebraska where the family are experienced Catahoula owners and had already made a plan to come to Oklahoma and adopt Bronco. Their dog, Stacy is spoiled, and they are anxious to do the same with Bronco.

Just days later, the staff kissed Bronco goodbye.

Please share Bronco’s story, and realize how a simple #share on social media can make the difference in a shelter dog’s life. There are so many dogs who just need to have their stories “out there” and we are sure they can find homes and wind up with happy endings just like Bronco.

Live your best life Bronco!

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