Seven Persian cats left in $2.5 million estate are now up for adoption at Tampa rescue

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In Tampa, Florida, seven Persian cats named Cleopatra, Goldfinger, Leo, Midnight, Napoleon, Snowball and Squeaky, lived with their 84-year-old owner in a $2.5 million estate. When the owner of the cats, Nancy Sauer passed away six months ago, the cats continued to live in the home, however according to caretakers, the cats were not receiving the care they deserved.

It was a probate judge who decided the cats should not be living in the empty house. According to WflaNews, Sauer’s personal representative turned the cats over to the Humane Society of Tampa. CEO Sherry Silk states there have been at least 100 adoption applications so far, and the staff has been reviewing them.

Now the cats are much happier, and they are no longer being kept in cages.

As part of the adoption agreement, about $300,000 to be controlled by the rescue organization, has been set aside to provide for the cats’ care for the rest of their lives. All food, grooming and veterinarian needs will be provided and reimbursed.

we’re going to take care of them because of Nancy’s request which is great.

Sherry Silk

It is hoped the attention being brought to these cats will also encourage more people to adopt cats. In addition, how great is it to make sure our four legged friends are provided for in case of emergency.

For more information about adopting from the Tampa Humane Society, please click here.

(Photos via Wfla video screenshots)

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