Raytown animal shelter reunites family with their dog missing almost 6 years

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Don’t forget to get your best friends microchipped. And here’s just another heartwarming story of how a microchip helped to reunite a lost dog in Raytown, Missouri that had been lost for nearly six years.

According to the Midwest Animal ResQ, “Little Buddy” had been reported missing by his family, who thought their sweet dog had been stolen. He had been adopted from a rescue organization in 2017, and even though he did have a microchip, no one ever turned him in to any shelter or veterinarian office to check.

And then the microchip worked!

This past week, however, the dog was picked up as a stray, but he looked to be in fine condition.

Thanks to the microchip, Little Buddy was able to be reunited with his family – four hours away from where he disappeared. Perhaps we will never know where Little Buddy has been for the past 5+ years, or as in another recent story about a dog named Bear, who has also been reunited with his family after years. Will we ever meet the other family where the sweet little guy had been so well cared for at their home? And how are they feeling about Little Buddy’s true identity?

Please, please have your pet microchipped. We love happy endings!

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