Illinois rescue is raising funds for homeless teen to be reunited with her beloved dog

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Meet Kayla, an 18-year-old high school student in Irving Park, who sadly became homeless nearly a month ago. Desperate to find a good home for her beloved dog, the young woman called Famous Fido and asked for help to make sure Prince would be well cared for and safe.

It’s an upsetting and stressful situation for a young woman to navigate. This dog, prince, is her best friend, and she walked into our center thinking she would have to give him up because she had nowhere for the two of them to live together.

Gloria Lissner founder of the rescue.

Fortunately, Lissner’s intervention program assured Kayla that she is not alone, and even though Kayla doesn’t have any answers today to solve her problems, it’s fine to ask for help and to know you are never alone.

we are feally grateful for the opportunity that we have had to meet this young woman, and the work she is willing to put in to keep her dog. All too often, we have people clap back at us when we offer to help. So many people simply say they are just trying to get rid of their animal, and if we can’t take it, they’ll just call the next person.


The rescue has agreed to temporarily care for Prince at their center while they help Kayla get back on her feet. They have been looking for subsidized housing for Kayla to have an apartment of her own that she can sustain. Prince has been very important to Kayla and has helped her deal effectively with some very low points in her life.

Prince could as easily been surrendered to a shelter where no one would have been able to keep him for more than a few days if he didn’t get adopted. As a pit bull blend, he could have waited a day or two to see if anyone wanted him, and when his short time was up at the shelter, he would have been euthanized.

This dog wants to be with his person, and she wants to be with him. We have an opportunity here to do something better.


People can donate to Famous Fido to help with the organization’s intervention program. To help people like Kayla and dogs like Prince they need financial support.

If you would like to make a one-time donation by clicking the button below, we would appreciate that, or if you would like to become a monthly contributor, that would be amazing. Please visit: and help us give opportunities to people and animals in need!

(Fido’s rescue photos)

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