Homeless man in Peru rescued 25 dogs trapped on roof next to recycling plant on fire

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In the Lima, Peru town of Gamarra, a brave young man is being hailed as a hero after he courageously climbed up the three-story apartment building next to a recycling plant that caught fire on Friday.

According to the Daily Mail, homeless Sebastian Arias had been walking back to his camp near a bridge, when he spotted the building on fire with dogs running, barking and trying to escape. The building was being used as a dog shelter, and although volunteers had managed to rescue some of the dogs, there were still more trapped.

A viral video posted on Twitter by @AlertaMundial2, shows Arias climb the terrace of the building through the balcony to save a puppy that was stranded on the rooftop. He could also be seen smashing windows to free the dogs as a crowd cheered him on for his bravery.

Large billows of smoke could be seen coming from the inside of the building; as Arias scaled to the top of the building and grabbed a frightened dog at the corner of the roof. He then dropped the dog onto a mattress the people below had been holding.

A fireman from one of the multiple departments trying to get the fire under control, used their ladder to help Arias down from the second floor, but the 25-year-old hero instead opted to jump to the ground.

The last dog Arias saved bit his rescuer on the hand as he reached out to grab him, so he decided to hold the dog by the scruff of his neck, grabbed the pup’s mouth so he couldn’t bite again and tossed him to the safety of the soft mattress below.

The dog shelter is owned by Soledad Renteria, who has been rescuing dogs and helping them to find homes. She is now seeking help to rehome the dogs as she is temporarily out of a shelter to house them. Two of the dogs have so far been adopted by the town’s mayor.

Check out the heart stopping video:

Arias is hoping someone will help him stay in the area after his brave deed and will offer him a job so he and his wife can get off the streets.

(Photo via Twitter screenshot of video)

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Big, bad baby rhino?
Even dogs use Go Pro on their walks 😉

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